Celebrity Look-Alikes (part 6)

Is it just me? or are you seeing what I'm seeing? ... you know, doubles or look-alikes among the following famous celebrities, some of them happen to be my favorite actors. These celebs are often mistaken looking like the others and vice versa. Some have actually either met or worked together, while others have yet to meet or cross paths. Do you agree that they all look similar?

Check out part 6 of Celebrities Look-Alikes photos below!

One used to be best known
for her Monica role in Friends 
and currently a cougar in Cougar Town
The other used to be known for singing "I'm Like A Bird"
and then became Promiscuous girl

Courtney Cox-Arquette and Nelly Furtado

One was in two Miss Congeniality films 
and Academy Award winner for The Blind Side
The other was just in one Rush Hour 2 film
with Chris Tucker and Jacky Chan
and last seen in Without A Trace

Sandra Bullock and Rosalyn Sanchez

One is a busy Pussycat Doll and  
Dancing with the Stars champ
The other is just Keeping up with the Kardasians

Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardasian

One used to be a star in tv's Dark Angel
The other is currently seen as a mean girl
in the new comedy film You Again


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