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Filipino TV Dramas

Last year, in Summer 2014, I was hooked on binged-watching several Korean Dramas(I still I've seen some recently and I'm currently watching 3 new ones that are on air in SK right now...I'll post a list of recent ones I've seen very soon), TW-Dramas andSpanish Telenovelas.

This year, I'm still watching some K-Dramas and TW-Dramas on my downtime. I haven't really seen any new Spanish Telenovelas as there isn't one at the moment that really interest me or grab my attention like the few I've seen last year. Now, I'm onto watching Filipino TV series (which I've actually seen 4 last year and about 2 this year...thus far), but I haven't seen many, just these 6 ones I've listed here. Well, I'm currently watching one of these six Filipino TV Dramas listed here, with 5 of them, I've already seen. The Rich Man's Daughter (TRMD) is the only Filipino TV series I'm interested in watching at this time as it has my full time …