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My Top 10 favorite OTP/Romantic On-Screen pairings

My favorite Romantic On-Screen pairings I am updating my first post about my favorite OTP/Romantic On-screen pairings as It's been six years since I last posted the previous one here. I have changed the order, eliminated a few pairs (that were my favorite back then, but not so much now...), and added a few new ones that I currently love and thought were much better romantic pairings.

These are 10 of my all-time favorite Romantic On-Screen Couples (TV & Films). They all have these things in common that make their timeless romances. Not only that these OTPs (One True Pairs) all have undeniable chemistry, the banter, and flirting that made them fun, lovable, appealing, sizzling, and romantic to watch on-screen (big or small), but the love team couples also have loved, endured, sacrificed, struggled, remained loyal and faithful to each other, and have been there for each other through good and bad times...all in the name of LOVE. Not too mention, all the beautiful and pictu…

Korean TV Dramas

Okay, I never thought I'd watch one, let alone see so many Korean TV Dramas. Most of them are about 16 to 24 episodes long. I was pleasantly surprised to have seen at least 16 K-Dramas! I think have seen one or a few more, but I can only remember these 16 dramas at this time. If I do remember one that's not listed here, I'll update this post and add it here. Also, I've seen 5 TW-Dramas and 3 Spanish Telenovelas. So, I've seen a total of 24 TV dramas (in just 5 months!) this year since this past summer!
Here are 16 K-Dramas I've seen recently...

Taiwanese TV Dramas

As previously mentioned here, this past Summer 2014, I got myself hooked into watching at least 5 Taiwanese (TW for short and several K...short for Korean) Dramas, even a few Spanish Telenovelas in the mix, and some Foreign films (which I just posted a new list of films I've seen recently) too.

Here's a short list of 5 TW-Dramas I've seen thus far...

Spanish Telenovelas

This past summer, I actually had too much downtime that I surprised and found myself watching not just random movies, but I also ended up watchinga few Spanish Telenovelas, lots of Korean Dramas, and someTaiwanese Dramas. I must admit I was not into watching them before until recently, as I got addicted into watching them, but mostly on K-Dramas (my post on it is coming up...soon!)...thank goodness for English subtitles!

I know these are not movies, but I thought I'd include them here, since I'm into watching them lately.
So far, I've only seen a few Spanish Telenovelas as I haven't found anything really good that grabs my time and attention. These are a few that I've seen...

Bollywood Films (Part 3)

I've seen so many Bollywood Films viaNetflixin the last few years and I thought I'd add morefilm titles here, which are about 22 of them that I can remember seeing and have loved and enjoyed watching.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any new Bollywood movies lately since Netflix haven't add anything new and interesting that catches my attention nor worth a look. There isn't anything new that stars my favorite Bollywood actors either. So, they're pretty much most of the same old movies I've already seen and others I don't really care for. I'm waiting for something new to be added soon (hopefully) that'll capture my interest and will make me want to see it.

Anyway, here's my new list of 22 Bollywood films I've seen in recent years...

Foreign Films (Part 2)

I've been watching so many random Foreign Filmsvia Netflix for several years now or so as a lot of them were really, really good. I started posting Foreign Films part 1(six years ago!) and it's been a while since I wrote more about this until now. I happen to have seen a lot in the past year and recently. So, I've compiled a list of the foreign movies I remember seeing. A lot of these films I saw, I didn't expect I would love and enjoy watching, and I like that. It's always the random movies that I didn't think I'd like, let alone enjoy watching, are the ones that I ended up loving and surprises me at the same time.

Here are 25 Foreign Films that I've seen most recently, which I've either liked (or didn't like at all) or loved least most of them...that I've compiled and listed below for you to check out and see that may be of interest to you (which you may or may not have seen yet)...