Celebrity Look-Alikes (part 4)

Is it just me? or are you seeing what I'm seeing? ... you know, doubles or look-alikes among the following famous celebrities, some of them happen to be my favorite actors. These celebs are often mistaken looking like the others and vice versa. Some have actually either met or worked together, while others have yet to meet or cross paths. Do you agree that they all look similar?

Check out part 4 of Celebrities Look-Alikes photos below!

One is a Smallville vet and the other
was a former Heroes (and Veronica Mars) star

Allison Mack and Kristen Bell

One is Colombian (aka a belly dancer) and
the other is an American (aka Miss Sasha Fierce)

Shakira and Beyonce

and ...

They sang a duet titled: Beautiful Liar

Now, let's get to the hotties...

One was in Fight Club (and once married to Jennifer Aniston)
and the other was in Traffic (and an Oscar Winner)

Brad Pitt and Benecio Del Torro

Oh wait, one more ...

They co-starred in Snatch (2001)


One was a Gladiator (and Oscar winner)
and the other is a new Southland cop (and a former The OC residence)

Russell Crowe and Benjamin Mckenzie


Gwen said…
I think Allison Munn is Kristen Bell's look-a-like. Especially on the show Carpoolers. Whenever I see her on the show, I always think she's playing Kristen lol

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