Celebrity Look-Alikes (part 2)

Is it just me? or are you seeing what I'm seeing? ... you know, doubles or look-alikes among the following famous celebrities, some of them happen to be my favorite actors. These celebs are often mistaken looking like the other and vice versa. Some have actually either met or worked together, while others have yet to meet or cross paths. What do you think?

Check out part 2 of Celebrities Look-Alikes photos below!

One is currently in Ghost of Girfriends Past
(and last seen on TV's Alias)
and the other was last seen in Felicity
(not too mention, Power Rangers)


they both appeared in Felicity
(with one, Jen Garner, who used to be married
to another Felicity co-star whose name I can't remember...)

Jennifer Garner
and Amy Jo Johnson

One is currently seen in Fast and Furious and the other loves to post on Twitter (who is better known these days as Mrs. Ashton Kutcher)

Jordan Brewster and Demi Moore

See a side-by-side pic of...

Jordana in Annapolis and
in A Few Good Men

One is an actress (with a mole) and the other was a supermodel (with a mole)

Eva Mendez and Cindy Crawford

More in the next post!

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