In Comparison: Keira Knightley (Pride & Prejudice) vs. Winona Ryder (Little Women)

Ever thought about Keira Knightley and Winona Ryder as the same person (that you mistake them in their movies?) or looking eerie similar at least look-wise? I'm sure some of you have seen some of their many pictures on magazines and movies that you can't help but noticed they look so similar (we can even add Natalie Portman here, but these two look far more similar, lol). If so, you'll see or rather noticed a lot of similarities between these two beautiful and talented actresses. Take for instance, Keira as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice and Winona Ryder as Josephine March in Little Women, both period movies and both earned them Oscar Nominations for Best actress (in their early 20s too). Here's a comparison between them, I first posted this a while back at the P&P forum (as I own both movies on DVD), I found some very interesting similarities not only with actresses Keira Knightley and Winona Rider eerie physical resemblance (their poses, facial expressions, etc.) but with their movies, P&P and LW (and their characters in these period movies)...So, in comparison, I thought I'd repost the KK's Lizzie Bennet pic from P&P with WR's Jo March pic from LW here...and here's the comparison list I came up with between them and mostly between their characters Lizzie Bennet and Jo March.

Keira Knightley as Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bennet (Pride & Prejudice) and Winona Ryder as Josephine "Jo" March (Little Women)

ActressesKeira KnightleyWinona Ryder
Movie AdaptationPride & Prejudice (2005)Little Women (1994)
Oscar Nominations4 (including Best Actress nomination for Keira Knightley)3 (including Best Actress nomination for Winona Ryder)
Novel/Author byJane AustenLouisa May Alcott
Character NamesElizabeth BennetJosephine March
Character nicknamesLizzieJo
# of Sisters4 (closest to older sister, Jane)3 (closest to younger sister, Beth)
share bedroom witholder sister, Janeyounger sister, Beth
Best FriendCharlotte LucasTheodore "Laurie" Laurence
# of Marriage Proposals3 (1 from Mr. Collins, her distant cousin; 2 from Mr. Darcy)2 (1 from Laurie, her best friend; 1 from Professor Bhaer
Turned down Marriage Proposalstwice (1 on Mr. Collins who ended up marrying her best friend Charlotte Lucas; 1 on Mr. Darcy's first proposal)once (on her bestfriend Laurie who ended up marrying her younger sister Amy)
Personality traitsLively, free-spirited, witty, sarcastic, stubborn, loves to laughLively, free-spirited, witty, sarcastic, stubborn, loves to laugh
Ages2015-20 ???
Talentsactive reader; plays piano "quite well"active writer; sings "quite well"
Happy EndingsEnded up marrying a rich man, Mr. Darcy (aka Fitzwilliam Darcy)Ended up marrying a German teacher/Professor Bhaer (aka Friedrich Bhaer)

More Winona & Keira picture comparison:

Celeb-look-a-like: Keira Ryder or Winona Knightley?

Also, check out this fun picture comparison:Natalie Portman + Winona Ryder = Keira Knightley?

Plus an interesting Johnny Depp Connection:

Johnny & Winona (former lovers on and off-screen):

Johnny & Keira (co-stars in Pirates movies):

In addition to the list above, both Keira and Winona have co-starred with Johnny Depp (not to mention Winona used to be engaged with him and he even had a "Winona Forever" tatoo in his one arm, but after they split he changed it to "Wino Forever." Guess he'll always remember her, lol)...KK with Johnny Depp (no wonder they co-starred 3 times, how ironic? lol...) on Pirates movies and WR with JD on Edward Scissorhands (and 2 more movies, which the titles escapes me at this time, lol).


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