British TV Period Dramas

Before I started watching (and getting hooked on) Spanish Telenovelas, Korean Dramas, TW-Dramas, and , I loved watching British TV Period Dramas and I still do. I've seen a lot. Though I have not been watching a lot lately, but I still follow and watch at least a few of them whenever I can.

Here are 20 British Period TV Dramas that I've seen and compiled here...

1. North & South (2004) - I love, love, loved this 4-episode miniseries! It's one of my favorite British Period TV Drama to watch. I own a DVD copy for this too. I love the main OTP of the main leads/couple Margaret Hale & Mr. (John) Thornton. They reminded me of my other (all-time) favorite OTP: Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy (especially in the P&P 2005 movie). A couple scenes were similar to P&P too like the two marriage proposals of Mr. Thornton to Margaret Hale, with the first one being rejected. This was a great TV miniseries and it was only 4 episodes and left you wanting to see more after seeing that beautiful romantic ending in the train scene. I loved and enjoyed watching this a lot.

2. Love In A Cold Climate (2001) - I loved and enjoyed watching this 2-part miniseries especially with Rosamund Pike (pre-Pride & Prejudice and Gone Girl) as one of the 3 main lead female characters with her character Fanny Logan (the main character of the 3 female leads) in the lead and her narrating the story as well.

3. Downton Abbey (2010) - I love watching this series (especially the first three seasons). Looking forward to seeing the final Season 6 on PBS Masterpiece, January 2016!

4. Little Dorrit (2008) - This was a great mini-series. I loved and enjoyed watching this one especially Matthew Macfadyen's character Arthur Clennam.

5. Ripper Street (2012) - I love this BBC detective drama series especially with Matthew Macfadyen in the lead as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid. Great series! Looking forward to the upcoming Season 4 and Season 5!

6. Lark Rise to Candleford (2012) - I loved and enjoyed watching this wonderful BBC series. It had a six season run, which I've seen several episodes, but I didn't see the complete series. I probably seen the first few seasons, but not in order as I saw some in YouTube and on PBS Masterpiece (when they used to show reruns and marathon of episodes on Saturdays a few years back). Still, I enjoyed it.

7. Daniel Deronda (2002) - This was a very good miniseries. I saw this on Netflix a long time ago. It was Hugh Dancy that made me watch this and I loved and enjoyed watching his title character, which was a selfless and intelligent gentleman of unknown parentage. 

8. Any Human Heart (2010) - This was a very good miniseries. It was Matthew Macfadyen, who played the middle Logan Mountstuart, that made me watch this. I enjoyed watching Sam Claflin too, who played his younger character and Jim Broadbent, his older character. Hayley Atwell was very good in this miniseries too opposite MM.

9. Pillars of the Earth (2010) -This was a terrific and epic 8-hour miniseries. Great ensemble cast especially Matthew Macfadyen, Donald Sutherland, Eddie Redmayne, Hayley Atwell, Sam Claflin, and Rufus Sewell to name some.

10. He knew He was Right (2004) - This was an interesting BBC TV miniseries. The title alone caught my attention. I loved and enjoyed watching this BBC drama, especially the scenes with the hilarious French sisters and David Tennant's Reverend character.

11. Pride and Prejudice (1995 and 1980) - While Pride & Prejudice (2005) film adaptation is my all-time favorite of any TV and film versions of Jane Austen's classic of the same name, I still enjoyed watching both the 1980 and 1995 TV miniseries.

12. Emma (2009) - I loved and enjoyed watching this miniseries and the 1996 film version with Gwyneth Paltrow in the title role.

13. Sense and Sensibility (2008) - I loved and enjoyed watching this TV miniseries version of Sense and Sensibility (especially the 1995 film version with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson as the Dashwood sisters).

14. Persuasion (2007) - I loved and enjoyed watching this ITV TV Movie version of Persuasion. This is my favorite version adaptation too.

15. Death Comes To Pemberley (2013) - I loved and enjoyed watching this BBC screen adaptation of P.D. James (who recently passed away) novel of the same title. You can read my Death Comes To Pemberley (2013) Review.

16. Doctor Zhivago (2001) - This was a very good miniseries with Keira Knightley (pre-Pride & Prejudice) and Hans Matheseon (in the title role). The ending was very sad though. Still, I loved and enjoyed watching this TV version.

17. Cranford and Return To Cranford (2007 and 2010) - This was a wonderful BBC miniseries especially the first Cranford series.

18. Wives and Daughters (1999) - This was a very good TV Miniseries with a great ensemble cast including a young Rosamund Pike as Lady Hariet Cumnors and Penelope Wilton and Tom Hollander (they played mother and son).

19. The Making of a Lady (2012) - I saw this Period Movie on Netflix and thought it was very good mystery drama. I loved and enjoyed watching it.

20. Poldark (2015) - I must admit I've only seen the first episode (unfortunately) of this recent BBC/PBS Masterpiece TV miniseries. I loved and enjoyed watching this first episode. I didn't get to catch the rest of Season 1 episodes, but I will definitely watch the rest of the first season if and when it's available on Netflix 'cause I missed watching the rest of the episodes on PBS. Hopefully, this will be added on Netflix soon.


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