Recently watched K-Dramas/Movies and TW-Dramas...

As I said in the previous post, I'm still watching Korean Dramas (I still am...hooked on watching K-Dramas since I started watching last year, as I've seen even more recently and I'm currently watching one that is still on air in SK right now...). I'm posting here a long list of recent ones I've seen and combining it with some recent TW-Dramas and a few K-Movies I saw too in one post.

Here are a new list of K-Dramas (with a few Movies) and TW-Dramas with my brief thoughts/reviews below...

1. Create Destiny/Seeking Destiny - I really loved and enjoyed watching this romantic-comedy K-Drama series. I especially loved the main OTP of real-life couple Eugene and Ki Tae-Young. They were my favorite part of the series. They had chemistry and looked great together. There were some episodes that tend to drag on, but I still loved and enjoyed watching this especially for Eugene & KTY. They were just adorable and cute together and to find out they end up together in real-life (they're now married with a newborn baby, born earlier this year) is even more awesome! Love these two together. Great ensemble cast and series, overall.

2. Emergency Couple - I thought this series was okay. Some episodes were good and there were others that I skipped, but I still watched the rest of (as in a few of) the last episodes. I re-watched this recently and again, I skipped some episodes, but I enjoyed watching the last few episodes.

3. Cunning Single Lady/Sly & Single Again - I loved and enjoyed watching this K-Drama series. Loved the love team pairing and chemistry between the main leads (as played by the wonderful Lee Min Jung and handsome Joo Sang Wook...he was adorkable wth glasses and a hottie without to watch in this series). I saw this series on Netflix and it was the title: Cunning Single Lady and one of the posters similar to the one used here below was the one that got my instant attention to see this series. Of course, it's also the main leads that attracted me to watching it. When I was watching this series, I've never seen either leads (though I never realized that I've actually seen LMJ before just couldn't remember the time...but later, I started to remember that it was one of her movies titled Love On-Air...see/read my thoughts/review of it below...not one of her TV Dramas that I've first seen her...that made me liked her and was impressed with her acting) before and they were great, which what made me loved and enjoyed watching them here. This was a great series. Loved the acting of the main leads and the love story of their characters. There were just a few episodes that I didn't care for or that I thought kind of drag, but that was minor. I loved this series overall.

4. Birth of a Beauty - What drew my attention to this series was the title and premise. Then, the story and wonderful cast including the main leads (especially Joo Sang Wook, which I first saw and loved watching in Cunning Single Lady...he was great here too and even more handsome). Both actresses who played the same main lead character (one who was her true self, the overweight lady and the other, whom she transformed into a stunning beauty) were great and believable in their portrayal of the same, but different in appearances character. The first episode was great that it got me hooked in watching this wonderful series. I really loved and enjoyed watching this and the ending was great and satisfying too.

5. The Greatest Marriage - Okay, this series had a very good and interesting premise with the title that got my attention (but I never understood why it was the title as it had nothing to do with the series and its why was it called that, I'll never know...). It started of really good too. The first few episodes got me hooked and interested in watching this series. Not too mention, the main lead female actress Park Si Yeon was very good and, of course, she's so pretty. However, as the main lead guy (Noh Min Woo...who I thought and mistaken as a she...boy was I He and PSY, didn't have any chemistry at all...he looked more feminine than her. I just didn't see them nor believe in their supposedly love team pairing at the beginning. Even in the poster below...he looks like a woman/lesbian, not a man, like the second male lead...who I was actually rooting for to pair up with PSY's character...and they did pair up, but was disappointed that the ending made their relationship as a couple vague! Back to NMW, no offense to him though!) entered the picture and as the story progressed and more episodes aired, the series lost its appeal and quality. PSY's character was terribly mistreated for the most part and her poor little boy was taken away from her. It was sad and heartbreaking at first, but it got worse and worse and frustrating to watch. I ended up skipping most of the episodes to get to the final few episodes...just to get to the ending already. Unfortunately, the ending was poor like WTH happened? And left something to be desired. It was abrupt, disappointing, and unsatisfying. It was nice to see the mother and son finally reunited, but the bad guys didn't get the punishment they deserved (and that includes the bio-Dad of the little boy, who took the boy away from his mother and brought him to his unloving and uncaring parents and his so-called wife, ugh....she was annoying...and tortured the poor boy). I didn't like the last scene either that was shown as a "happy ending" moment between the main trio leads with the young boy walking hand-in-hand with them...especially PSY's character holding hands with her ex (even though he was the boy's father) as if he didn't do anything bad and what he did to her was unforgivable as he took away her son from her...instead of holding the other man, who was there for her. It was just a weird ending that was like an odd cliffhanger...

6. Coffee House - I saw this randomly on YouTube and all the episodes were uploaded with English Subtitles. I liked the unusual pairing of Park Si Yeon and Kang Ji Hwan (whom I first saw in the movie My Girlfriend is an Agent with Kim Ha Neul, but loved and enjoyed watching more in Lie To Me, a wonderful romantic-comedy series with Yoon Eun Hye...their romantic-pairing and chemistry on and off-screen were off the charts!). They looked great together and seemed to have a nice chemistry, but they were not together much (as a romantic couple), but was mostly paired off as long-time BFF, which their characters were, but not underused as a couple. KJH's character was not as likable as he was in LTM. The other female lead (I don't know if she was the main or second main lead...she appeared more than PSY...and was more like the main female lead opposite the male lead, but there was no romantic relationship between the two other than just an employer and employee...which was actually nice and different for a change...I loved that part of their relationship...just boss/mentor and his assistant...nothing more other than their developed friendship in the end). The story was good, but at times was odd (especially when KJH's character  the annoying ex-husband of PSY's character showed up) and tend to drag.

7. It's Okay, That's Love - Interesting title. I didn't get it until I saw the series. This was a very good K-Drama series dealing with mental illness. It was relatable especially if you have a family member going through a similar illness. Great cast, great acting especially Jo In Sung (so handsome! He was great too in That Winter That Wind Blows with SHK) with Gong Hyo Jin, and great series, overall.

8. Smile, You - I enjoyed watching this series (from riches to rags) mostly for the main leads/couple of Lee Min Jun (loved her in Cunning Singly Lady and All About My Romance) and Jung Kyung Ho, but didn't like both their irritating and bickering families (especially his mother and her father). There were too many episodes (45) in this drama too that a lot of them tend to dragged on and on... I skipped a lot of them (went back to see them after I finished watching the last episode) and just jumped to the last 10 episodes. This drama should've been just 16 episodes and not 45. Other than the too many episodes and irritating/bickering families, this series was still fun and enjoyable to watch for the main lead couple's parts/scenes especially the last 10 episodes.

9. All About My Romance - I love, love, loved this romantic-comedy (in politics too, which is rare) series! I loved and enjoyed watching it from first episode to the last. I laughed a lot too. The main leads were great especially Lee Min Jung. I loved and enjoyed watching her in this series. At first, I didn't like the main lead guy (and he wasn't handsome enough to tempt me, lol...and he looked much older to play LMJ's love interest), but as I saw more of him in every episode (especially the scenes at the hospital at the beginning where LMJ's character accidentally kissed his chest (haha), took pictures of him shirtless (yum!) from her smart phone, and she used a stapler to put back together his shirt, which was so hilarious), I grew to loved him and his character as the series goes and the more I see him (especially when he had a hair-cut in later episodes). Great and fun series to watch from beginning to end. One of my favorite romantic-comedy K-Dramas. Very fun and light-hearted and was worth watching too.

10. Big - When I first saw the promo poster for this K-drama series, it immediately caught my attention because of the title that reminded me of the Tom Hanks movie of the same title and the main lead stars in Lee Min Jung and Goong Yoo. I love these two in other dramas (LMJ in Cunning Single Ladies and All About My Romance and GY in Coffee Prince). I thought with these two very talented and good looking pair in the leads that this drama would be really good. The first few episodes were very good, but I didn't really care for the rest (yes, even with LMJ, which I thought she resembles Yoon Eun Hye a bit in her acting/mannerisms...of course, I love YEH more, but I love LMJ and her acting too...and GY). I was hoping to see more of GY's main character (not the switched one) and was hoping for his and LMJ's characters to stay together...but the switch part with the younger kid in a big kid's body just messed it up and confused me for the rest of the episodes. I didn't like the ending either. LMJ and GY were still very good here though. I just didn't this drama that much...

11. Couple Fantasy - I stumbled on this romantic-comedy K-Drama series on Viki one day and I'm very glad I did because I just love, love, loved it. The female lead, I recognized her from Birth of a Beauty, which I didn't really like her here CF. Loved her in BoaB series. The main lead guy though is a hottie! A very handsome Korean actor and he was very good and funny in this series too. He's the one that got me watching this series, lol. It was a very good and light-hearted series though. I enjoyed watching it.

12. Rosy Lovers - I kept seeing this series on the main page of Viki and I never really watched it until this past Summer. This was a very good series. The main couple was cute and looked great together. The main lead guy, especially, was really cute and adorable. I first saw him in Ido, I do series. He's so handsome! I loved and enjoyed watching his character in this drama. The female lead, while I liked her at the beginning, but once she got her newborn baby and abandoned her child and husband...that was a big no, no! I disliked her character after that heartbreaking scene when she left her newborn baby because of her issue with her father and living poorly with her husband...that's just unforgivable living a baby like that and her poor, hard-working (with multiple jobs), kind, and caring husband because of her selfishness. That was very poor on the writing part, in my opinion. The main female lead's father was the most irritating character in this series along with her mother. The only nice person in her family was her older sister (who has a secret relationship with her brother-in-law).  She did redeemed herself once she came back and worked unknowingly with her young daughter, who was the newborn baby she abandoned years later. She learned the hard way, at least, and earned her daughter and husband's forgiveness. Her parents though were just too annoying and irritating, and just to unbearable watch. I mostly fast forward the scenes they were in, lol. Other than that, I still liked and enjoyed watching this series, mostly for the main lead couple and their little girl that brought them back together. I skipped a lot of episodes, which I didn't regret nor cared about. I love the cute, happily every after ending though.

13. The Time I Loved You - I watched all 16 episodes of this series and while I love Ha Ji Won as Oh Ha Na (though she can be annoying, the character not HJW, and kept picking the wrong guys and not even noticed the one in front of her...) and Lee Jin Wook as Choi Won (loved him, but he's too slow in confessing his love for Ha Na). They were great together and had chemistry (but, unfortunately, their talents were kind of wasted with a so-and-so writing/story of this K-Drama remake...even though I've never seen the original T-Drama version). I just didn't like how the story dragged on and on (with annoying flashbacks from their high school days and the annoying ex-boyfriend of Ha Na that wanted to get back together with her even though she already told him "NO" and he still got the nerve and likes to force her to do things she doesn't want to do) and the ending, while I'm glad they finally got together (it only took them 17+ years long!!!) and had their expected happy ending (that took so long to happen), which was just okay. It was unsatisfying...

14. High Society/The Privileged - I watched this series and loved almost every episode, but the last few episodes were kinda meh. The last episode was kind of disappointing. It was good, but just okay. The 4 main leads and couples all had an expected happy ending. It was still a good series with a very good cast. I enjoyed watching it for what it was.

15. My Love Eundong - Just finished watching this wonderful romantic-drama series. It just ended this past week (It aired Fridays & Saturdays) with a total of 16 must-see and worth-watching episodes. This was actually a great series. A rare gem too as I randomly saw this on Viki not expecting to have loved and enjoyed watching it as I did. The gorgeous posters (especially the one below) instantly draw my attention and though none of the actors were familiar nor have I seen any of them before, it still attracted me to watch it. I thought the premise was very interesting and I decided to try watching the first episode just to see if I will like it. I didn't just liked it...I love, loved it! At first the story was a bit slow at the beginning, but once it kept going I got hooked and watched every episodes that were available to watch as they've already aired in SK and there were just about 5-6 episodes left to air recently that I caught up with as I was late in the party to start watching it. It didn't take me long to get caught up as this series was great and got me hooked and watching from the first episode to the last. It was so great that I didn't once skipped and episode (which is rare for a drama series for me to watch it from the first all the way to the last). I loved and enjoyed watching all the actors who portrayed the main leads/characters Eun Dong (the title character) and Ji Eun Ho, from their much younger selves (1995) to the teenage selves (2005) and much older adult selves (2015). They all did a great job especially the younger and teenage selves were superb and very impressive job! What made me loved and kept me watching this beautiful drama series was their enduring love story and the mystery behind Eun Dong's accident and every decade of her disappearance in 20+ years since they first met in 1995. 
16. All About My Mom - Currently watching this new and currently airing family drama series. I heard it has a total of 50 episodes! Normally, I would be like that's too many and I'm not interested in watching it until after it's done or if I like at least a few episodes. Well, I stumbled on this one on Viki before it was even available and displayed on the site's main page...and since I love Eugene in Creating Destiny and Wonderful Life series, this one piqued my interest and got my full attention and I'm glad I started watching this as I'm loving it so far. I've seen 18 episodes (it currently airs in SK on Saturdays and Sundays and thanks to Viki both episodes are uploaded with fast English subs on the same days they aired) that aired, thus far...and I love every episode (so far)! I'm hooked and even watched episodes raw (even without English subs, lol...) and watch it again when they're fully and 100% with English subs...that's how much I'm loving and enjoying watching this series. I don't even mind the 50 episodes total. I can't wait to see every new episodes weekly! I love Eugene as Le Jin Ae and Lee Sang Woo (loved him in the recently wrapped drama, High Society too even though he had a small supporting role...and his mother in that series plays Eugene's mother in this series) as Engineer Kang Hoon Jae. They are great and adorable together and my favorite OTP and characters in this series. I love every scene they were in together, which included some funny moments, their first kiss (finally!) in episodes 15 (at the end and repeated at the beginning of) - 16, and their eventually getting together by the end of episode 16! Great ensemble cast and very good, relatable storyline that kept me glued and entertained as well as made me laugh and cry. Every end of each (18) episodes (thus far) left me wanting to see more. Hopefully, the rest of the episodes will have the same pacing as the last 18 (that I've really enjoyed watching, especially episodes 9-10, 13-14, especially 15 and 16, 17 and 18) and won't drag out and will keep me watching for more. For now, I love, love, love  watching this series every weekend! I will update this when the series is over.

17. Noble, My Love - I recently just saw this 20 short episodes K-web drama on Dramafever and I must say, I'm very glad I did. It was awesome and the shortest marathon I've done watching for a K web drama ever! There might be a total of 20 episodes, but each episodes were only 15 minutes long. Each episodes were very good too with beautiful illustrations of the main lead couple in a storybook like opening intro. I love it and the sketch drawings of the main characters/main lead couple were very impressive and spot on. The actors who played the main leads, the rich chaebol guy (he's so handsome! I didn't mind that his character was so possessive and arrogant...he's just so cute, haha! I loved his no bangs in his business suit and tie look because he's more handsome that way) and the female lead, who was a vet. She was pretty and funny in this web drama. They just looked gorgeous and adorable together. Loved and enjoyed watching this web series. They should make more like this one. It seemed too short...wish there were more!

Korean Movies
1. 200 Pound Beauty - This was a good movie about a heavy-weight woman who had a plastic surgery to look thin. Although this movie reminded me a bit of the recent K-Drama series, Birth of a Beauty, which I liked better. This one was still good though and it was 2-hour long movie (not long like a TV series). I still enjoyed watching this movie.

2. Always -This was a very good movie with a beautiful pairing of So Ji Sub (he's so handsome!) and Han Yoo Joo (I just realized she was in Shining Inheritance and Dong Yi...that's because I just saw them recently, but didn't know I already saw her in this movie). Very good actors and I loved and enjoyed watching them on this movie.

3. Romantic Island - The guy from Coffee Prince (no, not Gong Yoo, but the actor who played his cousin in CP) and Eugene were in this movie together where they traveled to this beautiful beach resort (Boracay Beach) in the Philippines. The beginning of the movie was a little slow and boring, but as soon as they arrived at the Philippines at Boracay Beach, the story finally started to pick up. While the title Romantic Island, the story was anything but romantic. I tried to really like it and was hoping to see more especially with Eugene in this movie, but unfortunately, this movie was just okay for me...

4. Love On-Air/Wonderful Radio - The first time I saw Lee Min Jung was in this movie where she was a former K-Pop Idol (I didn't know she can sing and was a singer...interesting!) in an all-girl group, who just when they were on top had to call it quits...and she turned into a radio DJ. This was a great movie with LMJ in the lead role and she was great on it. She sings very good too. I loved and enjoyed watching this movie. I love the song she performed towards the end.

5. Cyrano Agency - I watched this romantic-comedy movie because of Lee Min Jung and didn't know Park Shin Hye was in this one too. Great cast, but I really loved and enjoyed watching LMJ with Choi Daniel (he's so handsome!) as they were just so cute and adorable together! Their characters were paired up and matched by Cyrano Agency, a dating agency, which was run by her ex-boyfriend who left her. LMJ and CD's characters were my favorite part of this movie especially when the dating agency paired them up with her unknowingly that it was her ex who was the founder of the agency. It was a very good movie especially watching LMJ and CD alone. They were the best and my favorite part of the movie.

1. Someone Like You - I love, love, loved watching this romantic-comedy TW-Drama! It's my favorite that I've seen this year! It's funny, light-hearted, and so romantic. The main leads (the handsome KingOne Wang and a very pretty and funny Kirsten Ren) have an amazing chemistry. They were great together! I loved that this series didn't dragged on even with 20 episodes. It was fast paced and solved the problems quickly without dragging it on and on like other T-Dramas (or even K-Dramas). This was a great series that I really loved and enjoyed watching at the same day as it was released in Taiwan (of course, I have to wait several hours on YT, just to see every new episode with English subtitles) even though it was only one episode per-week. It was still worth the wait and worth watching every episode from beginning to end.

2. Sunny Happiness - Another romantic-comedy TW-Drama series I loved and enjoyed watching from beginning to end. Great series! I loved that it was only 16 episodes and didn't dragged on. Every episode was worth watching. Janine Chang (she's cute and adorable) and Mike He (especially him...what a handsome man!) have a great chemistry worth watching on this series. Definitely one of my favorite TW-Dramas.

3. Perfect Couple - This was very good and the main leads (Wallace Huo and Tiffany Tang) have chemistry, but the ending was a bit disappointing. I still loved and enjoyed watching this TW-Drama series especially because of handsome Wallace Huo...

4. Fall In Love With Me - This was a nice series at the beginning, but the 20 episodes seemed to dragged on. I had to skipped some episodes and the ending was kind of disappointing. Although Aaron Yang is handsome and Tia Lee is very pretty, I just didn't see any chemistry between the two nor care much for their characters in this series. 

5. Inborn Pair - Chris Wang & Annie Chen were a gorgeous pair in this TW-Drama series. I loved and enjoyed watching them in this series. There were some funny moments especially when she got drunk and he was only wearing a towel (which fell off, lol!) and he was hanging on for dear life from the balcony (from his hotel) and someone took a video of it and uploaded it to hilarious! Annie's character's a bit annoying though in some scenes/episodes, but other than that she was good. Chris was great, on the other hand. The series was too long though with a total of 84 episodes. I skipped some episodes (went back to the ones I skipped after), but I still enjoyed watching this series, overall.

6. Love Family - This was a very good TW-Drama family series. Of course, I loved and enjoyed watching it because the handsome Chris Wang was in it (of course). But this drama was still very good. Too long though (72 most TW-Dramas are)...had skip some episodes (I went back to watch them after I finished watching the last episode), but it was still enjoyable to watch. I just didn't like how they showed the ending, but it was still a nice, happy ending.

7. Love Forward - This was a nice series, at least the first few episodes, but I had to skipped some episodes and just jumped to the end. So, don't remember the story much.

8. Easy Fortune Happiness - This TW-drama was good, but I was not much into it as I should've. I didn't really care much for this series. The main lead guy's handsome, but I didn't really like nor care about his character and main female lead from Fated To Love You was good here, but was just okay for me.

9. Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself Or You- This romantic-comedy series was a pleasant surprise (pun intended) like one of the English titles. I loved and enjoyed watching it. Almost every episode made me laugh out loud especial the main lead couple (Puff Guo and Jasper Liu) in earlier episodes. This was worth watching and one of my favorite TW-Dramas I've seen this year.

10. Drunken To Love You - I saw this on Dramafever earlier this year and I must say I loved this romantic-comedy series from beginning to end. The main leads (Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang) were great, funny, and had sizzling chemistry. I heard this was like spin-off of Fated To Love You as it had the same supporting actors (no wonder I kept seeing most of the supporting actors) from that previous drama on this one (except for the the main leads who were not present in this series). After seeing this one, I thought this was so much better than the original FTLY series. I laughed a lot and loved watching the chemistry between RY and JC. Great series! Definitely worth watching for the main lead couple alone.


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