Film Review: One For The Money

One For The Money (2012)
starring Katherine Heigl, Jason O'Mara,
Daniel Sunjata, Debbie Reynolds

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I've never read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, but I heard great things about the books and how funny they were. Then, I heard that the first book was being adapted to the big screen with Katherine Heigl in the lead role as Stephanie Plum. I thought sounds interesting. I like Katherine Heigl and thought I'll go see the movie first as I don't want to know too much from the book that's going on while watching it. I'll read the first book after I've seen this movie. I don't want to compare book and movie as they're two completely different versions of the same story. Books will always be much better than the films (though there are films versions that I thought were much better visually than the books). They are two separate entities. One, you can watch with visuals and the other requires your reading and imagination. I thought this film was decent, fun, and enjoyable rom-com. It was cute and funny too.

The movie was good, not great, but I still enjoyed watching it. It had some funny moments here and there. Katherine Heigl was good and funny as Stephanie Plum. I don't know if she played the protagonist character very well as aforementioned. I haven't read the book yet...From what I've seen visually, I thought she did quite well. Debbie Reynolds, on the other hand was funny as Stephanie's grandma Mazur. Her scenes were hilarious especially the Plum family dinner scene when she was playing with Stephanie's gun, lol. Jason O'Mara (never seen or heard of him before, but he's a hottie!) as Joe Morelli was cute and simply irresistible to look at! Can't blame Stephanie for not being able to resist his charms. One of his scenes with Stephanie was hilarious when she was taking a shower and he suddenly appeared angry at her and he handcuffed her wrist/hand to a shower curtain rod and took her towel off of her and left her naked, lol! Another hot guy is Daniel Sunjata who played Ranger. His name according to Stephanie sounded like "an action figure," lol. Lucky Stephanie, she's surrounded by two hot guys, yet she couldn't catch one of them, even if she tried. One is not really a catch to her, but her good friend though, the other one she just can't resist him, lol. Sherri Shepherd as the street hooker Lula was funny. The rest of the cast were good too.

Overall, One For The Money was a fun, lighthearted, little romantic-comedy kinda like Gerard Butler in The Bounty Hunter, but a fun, female version with two hot guys instead...What's not too like? Whether you've read the books or not, this was a nice lil' movie to watch.

My One For The Money film rating: (8/10; B)


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