Film Review: Underworld: Awakening 3D

starring Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy, Theo James, India Eisly

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Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two films, returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species.
[Warning! ... for those who haven't seen this movie and don't want to be spoiled...]

I saw Underworld: Awakening in 3D with my younger brother and we both loved and enjoyed watching it! Awesome movie! I did not plan nor expected to see it as I've never seen the previous 3 films from the Underworld series. I've heard of it and knew Kate Beckinsale was on it except for the third one, which she was not, as it was a prequel. My brother had seen all 3 previous films prior to seeing it (I have not) and he loved them all especially the first two films. He loves Kate Beckinsale, so, of course, he would say that they were all great even the third one sans KB. Besides he paid for my movie ticket (expensive 3D and all during the opening weekend), so I might as well see it. I'm not much into vampire (or horror) movies, but if it's done very well, I make an exception to watch it like this film and a few other vampire movies such as Interview with the Vampire with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman and KB to name two. This film was great though, so it was worth watching and the money (my brother) spent watching it (with me) was not wasted at all.

Also, for someone like me who haven't seen the previous 3 films and watching the 4th one  first (which I rarely do...I often avoid watching franchise films starting at the 3rd or 4th film especially if I've never seen the first one, but I've been hearing a lot of great things about this movie and the series itself...I wanted to see this movie for myself anyway, even if I have to watch it backwards as I did on this one), I really loved and enjoyed watching this film and got into it. It wasn't hard to follow and I figured out what's going on, in this film without knowing much from the previous films...which I thought was great as I didn't have a hard time understanding the story. Besides,  it made me want to see the previous 3 films (as I write this, the second film, Underworld: Evolution was showing on cable, on FX channel this past weekend...I DVR'd it, so I can watch it later) after seeing this film. Not to mention, Kate's character Selene was very helpful with her narration of her character's past and present/future. So, it was easier to figure out who's who and what's what from past and present characters. Also, like Selene, I couldn't help but ask, "where's Michael?" LOL! He was there, yet he was not...he was MIA for most of the movie...he was a very mysterious hybrid (part vampire, part lycan) man, as my brother briefed me prior to seeing this film.

Underworld: Awakening was a lot of fun to watch. It was fast-paced with lots of action, cool fight scenes, great visual effects, suspense, and a kick-ass Kate Beckinsale as vampire warrioress Selene all in one movie! What's not to love! She looked great in black, tight leather outfit and trench coat! Makes me want to get myself a nice trench coat  like she was wearing in the film (lol)...she makes tight leather looks so cool! Well, KB has a nice body for it, so of course, she looks amazing on it! She's in great shape too! She was very impressive, amazing and badass in this film! Nice to see a strong lead female character in an action/sci-fi film like this one. Not too mention, she looked the same from the first Underworld film (from the previews I've seen of it...will see the first movie soon...eventually) she did 9 years ago! Amazing!

This film had great casting too. Theo James who played the handsome vampire David was easy on the eyes...glad to see him not turned into a baddie...but a good ally to Selene and Eve. India Eisley as Eve (Selene's Lycan-Vampire hybrid daughter with Michael). Michael Ealy as the only human detective was another easy on the eyes and ally to Selene. He and Selene worked well together towards the end. The rest of the cast did pretty good too. As aforementioned, "where's Michael?" lol...that's my favorite line in this film...still looking for him like Selene did. He was a mysterious hybrid, indeed. The story was very good on this one and the action and fight scenes were awesome to watch in this film. They left the ending open too for a possible fifth film...let's hope so and hope Michael's on it as well (with more screen time...I didn't even see the actor who played him on this one...though I heard it was Scott Speedman who played him in the first two films).  Wow, now I want to see the previous 3 films to catch up on this series even if I have to watch them backwards, lol.

That's how awesome this movie (overall all) was! Another great, unexpected (Kate Beckinsale) movie I didn't expect to love and enjoy watching (two weeks in a row) in theaters. I highly recommend you see this one, if you haven't yet! Great movie! It's currently #1 from this past weekend's Box-Office! KB's top the weekend again (last week it was her film, Contraband with Mark Wahlberg. Read my Film Review: Contraband). She's having a great 2 weeks (and month of January) at #1 (back to back) at the box-office! KB, you go girl! She's not only Beckin' it...she's Sale-in' it impressively twice to the top of the box-office! lol! It's a must-see and worth watching! Go see it! You'll love it. I know I did and I've never even seen the previous 3 films connected to this one, which I will do now after seeing this film!

My Underworld: Awakening film rating: (10/10; A+)


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Luxembourg said…
I love the whole series, but this movie was very... off.Though I did like the story and I LOVE Kate Beckinsale this film over all left something to be desired. It was like when you read a book series and there is that one book that they throw in there just to keep the story going but really it could have been condensed to fit in the previous book, and when its over you're like "ok well i'm glad that I now have that information but where is the rest of the story?" thats pretty much how i felt about this movie, also the effects were a bit off and I struggled with the look alike Michael character. I am hoping for another movie with Scott Speedman back as Michael Corvin.

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