Film Review: The Muppets

The Muppets (2011)
starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit, The Frog, Miss Piggy, Rashida Jones
The Muppets brief synopsis:
Love struck meets star struck when a small town couple (Amy Adams, Jason Segel) head to Hollywood and discover their dreams of hitting the big time may cost them the one thing that matters most – each other.
Watch The Final Muppets Parody Trailer

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Check out the other previous The Muppets parody trailers The Muppets - Taking over Bollywood   The Muppets - Green With Envy Teaser
(spoofs The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
The Muppets - Being Green Teaser (spoofs The Green Lantern The Muppets - Fuzzy Pack Teaser (spoofs The Hangover)

The Muppets was a fun, feel good movie. I loved and enjoyed watching it. It was great to see The Muppets back on the screen especially Kermit, The Frog and Miss Piggy. I really enjoyed watching the teaser and parody trailers (see links above) for this film. I love the new character Walter as well as Jason Segel as Gary and Amy Adams as Mary (even though she wasn't much in this film, but it was still nice to see her here). The opening song and dance number was cute and the song was catchy too. I couldn't help but sing (even long after the credits rolled...)  "I got everything I needed... Life is a happy song when you have someone by your side to sing along...." That part of the song was pretty catchy and was stuck in my head, lol. Also, I enjoyed watching Amy Adams' little solo singing performance in the film along with Miss Piggy.

Overall, The Muppets was a delightful and fun movie to watch with the whole family. It had a very good story, great casting (especially for the leads Jason Segel and Amy Adams), musical numbers, visuals, and various cameos (ie. Jack Black, Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez, Alan Arkin, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Neil Patrick Harris, etc.). Interesting both Emily Blunt and Alan Arkin had previously co-starred with Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning. This is a nice, fun movie to see this holiday season. Go see it with everyone in the family, if you haven't already!

My The Muppets film rating: ! (9.5/10; A)  


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