Film Review: Immortals 3D

Immortals (2011) 
starring Henry Cavill, Frieda Pinto, Stephen Dorff,
Luke Evans, Isabel Lucas, Kellan Lutz,
and Mickey Rourke
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Just recently saw Immortals (in 3D!) and I loved and enjoyed watching it. For one, I was excited to see it all because of Henry Cavill starring on this film, his first lead starring role. I first saw Henry in when he was a teenager playing Jim Caviezel's son The Count of Monte Cristo years ago. I've always wondered when will he get his chance to play in a leading role. He had done mostly small and supporting roles in the past decade of his career. He's such a handsome young man and even then he could act. I got to see Henry as Charles Brandon in some Season 1 episodes of Showtime's The Tudors and he was great on it (even though he was playing a supporting role next to another handsome guy Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry). I thought he definitely should be in more starring roles. The casting of him as Clark Kent/Superman in Zach Snyder's upcoming  Man of Steel film made me even more excited and happy for him as he's finally getting his big break. Then, I heard he already was starring in another film, this film, which I just saw...Immortals (kind of like 300, but not really...) and it was released before MOS. That made me excited as I thought I will get to see him in a starring role. The first trailer for this film made me even more excited to see Henry in this film and he didn't disappoint.

Immortals was an awesome film. I even loved and enjoyed watching it more than I did with 300 film (starring Gerald Butler), which was interesting to know that the same producers for 300 produced this film too. Henry Cavill was amazing and stunningly handsome in this film (shirtless or not, lol...). He was superb and looking and acting more like Superman (which is his upcoming biggest role that is already making me excited and can't wait to see him) as Theseus in this film. I kept thinking of him as Superman (much more than as Theseus, lol). He really did look and acted like one especially in his awesome fight scenes. He was super heroic in this film. I love watching him in every scene he was in especially when he was using that magical bow to rescue his friends and the oracle (played by the lovely Frieda Pinto). He was the best and most amazing thing about this film. I can't wait to see him in MOS already! Is it June 14, 2013 yet? LOL!

The rest of the cast were great too such as Mickey Rourke as the murderous villain King Hyperion. Luke Evans as the powerful God, Zeus, Kellan Lutz as one of the gods, Poseidon, Isabel Lucas as Zeus' daughter Athena, Frieda Pinto as Phaedra, the Oracle (that King Hyperion was looking for besides the magical bow), and Stephen Dorff as Stavros. Great casting and the visuals (though it's kind of darker in most scenes) were stunningly festive especially on 3D. Tarsem Singh did a great job directing.

Overall, I thought Immortals was great! It was fast paced with plenty of action and the fight scenes were awesome (though too bloody or gory for the eyes, but that was expected as the fight scenes and battles were pretty intense). Great job on the fight sequences and visual effects too! Most of all, shirtless Henry Cavill was super eye candy and fun to watch. Love his angry lines including this one, "seal the gates and prepare for war!" and his best and memorable line (which stayed with me even long after the credits rolled and several weeks later as I write this review) in the film, "Stand your ground! Fight for order! Fight for the man beside you! Fight for those who bore you! Fight for your children! Fight for your future! Fight for your name to survive! Fight! For immortality!"

My Immortals film rating: ! (9.5/10; A)  


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