Film Review: Captain America

starring Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Tommy Lee Jones,
Hugo Weaving, Richard Armitage

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Just saw Captain America and what a terrific movie it was! I loved and enjoyed watching it. Everything about it was great. The story was very well written. It was quite fast pace (except for the beginning, it was kinda slow, but as soon as the action parts start, it was fast paced)! It had plenty of action, somewhat of a romance (or at least a hint of it from the two main lead characters...), and some humor to keep you entertained. Love the period feel and look of the whole film with a lil' bit of modern feel towards the end. Great direction, cinematography, costumes, and special effects. Great casting too! The cast of this film was just awesome! Every actor in this film fits his/her role/character wonderfully. A few familiar British actors were cast in this film were all great such as Hayley Atwell as agent Peggy Carter, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark (Tony Stark aka Iron Man's father). Dominic has quite a good American accent. And Richard Armitage was almost unnoticeable at first until Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) turned into Captain America and chased him. He played the bad guy really well here! Not quite the handsome and good guy I remember him as John Thornton in North & South, but he was still pretty good. Chris Evans (he looks a lil' bit like Channing Tatum here when he turned into Captain America), the lead star as skinny Steve Rogers turned into the title role, Captain America did very impressive here with his skinny turned hottie title character. He looks different as skinny guy who suddenly transformed into Captain America.

Chris Evans
was quite funny as the skinny guy and handsome as CA! Loved the scene when he turned into a big muscle man, which he quickly got his abs into an amazing shape! Not too mention, he was shirtless with his sudden sexy body showing him bare chested, which agent Carter was like about to touched his fab abs, bare chested and all, but quickly decided not to (as everyone was watching) and had to stop herself, lol. Clever and funny scene! I would've certainly touched his big, sexy bare chested body, if I were her, even with people watching, haha! Hayley Atwell did great in her role as agent Carter and Steve Rogers/Captain America's love interest. Another good scene she was in was when she surprised both Stark and Captain America with her shooting skills, lol. Also, when she caught Steve kissing another woman...she just interrupted them and told him...he was stunned as she caught him off-guard, lol. Tommy Lee Jones (love his line, "Look at him, he's making me cry," lol) was good, as usual as well as Stanley Tucci. Didn't expect to see both them in this movie. Both great actors! Too bad, Stanley Tucci had a small role, but his character had served its purpose and had an important part to the story. Sebastian Stan, who played Steve's best friend James "Bucky" Barnes was good too and very cute! Sad to see something unexpected happen to his character. And Hugo Weaving was bad ass as the villain. The only thing I didn't really like was his character turning into a red skull. It looked rather silly, lol. Other than that, he was a good villain.

Overall, I thought Captain America was great! A must-see! I highly recommend you see it. It was one of the few best movies I've seen this year, thus far. Definitely worth watching! Go see it!

My Captain America: The First Avenger Film Rating:  ! (10/10; A+


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