Film Review: Something Borrowed

starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski
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I knew this was a typical rom-com and predictable movie before I even saw it. I didn't even need to read the book (this was based on) to know what I already know it was, but I went to see this film anyway. It was what I thought anyway, but it wasn't too bad. There were a few funny and entertaining moments here and there, but the length of time was a lil' longer than it should. I thought it was a drag like you really want it to get to the point and ending already. The story was descent and a lil' slow to get to the point. The cast were good, but not really likable enough for me to root for them except for John Krasinski's character Ethan. He was the only one likable character that made me laugh and I felt sympathy for. The lead character Rachel (played by Gennifer Goodwin), while I like her and thought she and Dex are cute together, I just don't think she was a strong enough character for me to root for. She's not perfect, but still, she's not the character you'd side for after she betrayed her friend Darcy (I like her name...that's about it...her name reminds me of my favorite Mr. Darcy of Pride & Prejudice, lol) by sleeping with her man. Not that Darcy (played by Kate Hudson) was any better or a good friend, but at least her character's not supposed to be someone you'll like in the first place. Still, she does not deserved to be betrayed by her best friend. Though, on the other hand, I don't blame Rachel either, Darcy hasn't been a very good friend to her. Rachel should not have let her treat her like she's her pet or toy she can use any time she feels like or only when she needs something. Besides, Dex actually has liked Rachel from the very beginning, but it was Rachel who was taking so long to hook up with him that Darcy snagged him away from her before she could get to him. Basically, she was slow and she let her friend Darcy took advantage of what could've been hers in the first place. It took her, her 30th birthday before she did the unexpected. Not that Darcy deserved Dex anyway (as she's the worst best friend Rachel had to endure with in the first place), but still he was engaged to her and he and Rachel knew better. The rest, pretty much took a while before these two (Rachel & Dex) finally got together and the ending was predictable. There was at least one hilarious scene that was worth watching in this movie, the tennis scene where Ethan was tryng to get Rachel and Dex to come out with their secret affair and he was torturing Dex to come clean about it to Darcy, lol. That scene was at least funny.

Overall, Something Borrowed was just okay. It's not the worst I've seen, but it's not a movie I would see again. Once is enough, I'm afraid. It just didn't do anything for me that will make me want to see it again and again.

My Something Borrowed Film Rating: ! (6/10; C-


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