Film Review: Just Go With It

starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston,
Nicole Kidman
, Dave Matthews

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I saw Just Go With It a month ago and thought it was pretty good and funny. I laughed a lot. I actually enjoyed watching this movie more so than I thought. It was nice too that Adam Sandler was paired up with one of my favorite actresses Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman co-starred with them too. I like Adam Sandler and I've seen pretty much most of his movies (good or mediocre). I wouldn't say I'm a big fan, but I enjoyed watching most of his films and some were hilarious (ie. Grown Ups, Mr. Deeds, Anger Management, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, and 50 First Dates), some were ok (Bedtime Stories, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, etc.), and some were just not my cup of tea (ie. You Don't Mess With The Zohan, Spanglish, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry to name a few). As for Jennifer Aniston, I'm a fan of hers since her Rachel Green/10 yars in Friends (Loved and enjoyed watching her and her co-stars in Friends), but I must admit I haven't seen her in plenty of good movies (romantic-comedy or not) these days. She hasn't done a lot of good movies that I'd say were my favorite or were the best or funniest rom-com I've seen. There were some that I loved and enjoyed watching her (as well as the films themselves) such as Bruce Almighty, Office Space, Marley & Me, The Object of My Affection, The Good Girl, Along Came Polly, and Picture Perfect to name some. There were movies that she was still watchable and fun to watch despite those films being just ok and descent such as The Bounty Hunter, Friends with Money and He's Just Not That Into You to name few. But there were The Break-Up, Rumor Has It, and Derailed that I didn't particularly care to see as they were either not very funny enough or entertaining to watch that even with her and other good actors in the cast couldn't saved those movies if their acting and star power depended on them, lol.

In this one the star power of her, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman and plenty of humor and funny random jokes kept me entertained and were good enough to save this from movie from being typically mediocre and unwatchable.

Critics may have mixed reviews or often gave bad reviews to a lot of Adam Sandler movies (or other movies), but I often disagree with them as does a lot of people. Besides no matter what critics say, people decide for themselves and watch Adam Sandler movies (or any other movies they want to see) anyway. His movies always tops the box office or makes a lot of money. So nothing a negative critic review will stop people from watching his movies, lol. A lot of times they would say it's worse or mediocre, but I would see something different and the opposite. There are times that I agree with them, which depends on a movie. Like this movie, it's a rom-com and often times typical movies like this one gets a not-so-good review. I agree with some of them when other movies they reviewed were either typical or predictable rom-coms, but this one I disagree with as one they say that was "unwatchable," as I thought it was funny and I don't expect this to be the best or Oscar winning type of film (which it wasn't, as rom-coms like this one don't get even nominated in the Oscars, lol). I just thought that this movie was funny and entertaining to watch and I enjoyed watching it. I actually loved and enjoyed watching Jennifer Aniston in this film. She was funny and gorgeous throughout this film. Nicole Kidman was even surprisingly funny here as well as Dave Matthews. Their scenes with Jennifer and Adam Sandler were hilarious especially the hula dancing scene, lol. I laughed a lot in that scene. Jen and Nicole were hilarious! Adam Sandler too was funny. The kids who played Jen's character's kids were cute and funny. Even a cameo from SNL's Rachel Dratch made me LOL! There were only a few times that I thought that was not quite funny like in one of the scenes with Adam Sandler's character Danny keep saying the same joke that either gets annoying or that I could careless to hear about as it got quite repetitive, but other than that and a couple unfunny or over the top scenes, this movie was actually a lot of fun to watch.

Overall, I thought JGWI was funny and entertaining. I wasn't disappointed on this one at all and that the ending, though predictable, was actually not too predictable, but quite satisfying and what I typically expected to see between the leads Jen and Adam's characters Katherine and Danny to end it with. The little twist and revelation about Dave Matthews' character was funny too. I'd definitely watch this movie again and recommend it to those of you who are looking for a funny movie to watch with your family and friends that will make you laugh and entertain you at the same time, which this movie was all about. Like the title say, Just Go With It and see it!

My Just Go With It Film Rating: ! (8.5/10; B+)


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