Film Review: You Again

You Again (2010)
starring Kristen Bell, Jaime Lee Curtis
Betty White, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman

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This family friendly, comedy film was as good as it's preview. It was hilarious. I laughed out loud. There were so many funny moments in the film. I was pleasantly surprised of how I laughed a lot, enjoyed watching this, and the cast were terrific especially Betty White and Kristin Chenoweth, both in the supporting cast, but every time they appear on screen, they made me laugh. They were randomly funny with funny one-liners. Their scenes were just hilarious. I actually liked Kristen Bell in this film. She had another one I previously seen, When In Rome with Josh Duhamel. That one was funny, but not as laughed out loud funny as this one. Jamie Lee Curtis was hilarious especially when she did her cheerleader routine with Oddette Yutsman, haha... Kristen was hilarious when she was jogging with her brother, lol. Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis' catfight in the swimming pool was funny as well as when Weaver's character said to Curtis when they were dressed alike, "Oh, wow, call Us Weekly and see who wore this dress best," lol. Kristen Chenoweth's rehearsal and wedding dancing scenes were funny as well as the psycho ex-boyfriend (or was it ex-fiancee?) of Odette Yutsman's character when he started toasting and singing at the wedding, haha! Not too mention that scene that's featured in the trailer where Betty White was giving her phone number, facebook, and "the twitter," too, lol. So funny.

Overall, I thought this film was really good and funny. Definitely, a fun movie to watch, hilarious, and great casting too!

My You Again Film Rating: ! (9.5/10; A)


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