Film Review: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

starring: Michael Douglas, Shia Lebeauf, Carey Mulligan

Watch the trailer below!
(source: FoxMovies)

I saw the first Wall Street movie once, ages ago, and I don't remember much other than I wasn't into it. I guess because at the time, I never understood the Wall Street money talk. This time around though I got to see it again because I wanted to see the sequel. I must admit, I did want to see it, all because of Carey Mulligan's addition to the cast and her playing Winnie Gekko, daughter of Michael Douglas' character Gordon Gekko, the antagonist of the first original film and this one too. Seeing the first movie was not too bad too at all. Michael Douglas was actually pretty good and deserving of his Oscar win. Seeing this sequel, It made sense about his character. Also, it was nice to see Carey Mulligan playing his estranged daughter. Even Shia LaBeauf was pretty good here too. Charlie Sheen had a cameo appearance. Josh Brolin was another good addition to the cast.

Overall, I thought Wall Street 2 was good. Though it could've been done much better as the story was interesting and quite good. Michael Douglas was pretty good. Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeauf too. Josh Brolin was quite good as the antagonist character opposite Shia LaBeauf as well as Michael Douglas.

My Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Film Rating: ! (7.5/10; C+)


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