Film Review: Leap Year

I just saw this movie last month six months ago or so and I haven't had the chance to write my review for it till now, I know...shame on me...but I've been busy with so many things and other blogs to update, lol. I have seen about 7 more films in theaters after this...and have yet to review them (will do very soon)...I do finally have the time to start reviewing them starting with this film.

By the way, I'm doing my reviews (for 2010 films) a lil' different this time, this year. It won't be too spoilerish (or too long...well, a lil' long but still not too long...if that makes any sense, lol) as the previous reviews I've posted here last year.

So, here's my review (first review for 2010) of...

Leap Year (2010)

starring: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, John Lithgow

Watch the trailer for Leap Year below:

[source: gigatrailers]

First of all, I thought this movie would be so good because Amy Adams is the main star and she was the reason I watched this film. She was pretty good in variety of roles she had portrayed in The Sunshine Cleaning, Julie & Julia, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and Enchanted to name a few of the films I've seen her in. So, when I heard that she was doing this romantic-comedy film, I thought this one would be as great as those films. But, unfortunately, this film didn't live up to my expectations. Guess, I expected too much as I thought Amy Adams was in it and I already expected it to be really good, but I was wrong. It was just ok and a typical rom-com film kinda like He's Not That Into You and Brides War. I was disappointed too 'cause I love Amy, she's one of my favorite actresses and she's capable of doing a much better film than this one. It's not too bad though, it's just that it seemed to dragged on and on and I thought it was too long for this type of film that should've been very good, but it wasn't really. I was bored half-way through the movie and ready for it to end...and tired after, as I already know the ending, but still sat through to finished watching it, lol. Her co-star Matthew Goode was alright. Unfortunately, he's not as good looking in the movie as he was in the movie poster for this film, lol.

Also, he lacked chemistry with Amy. I think Matthew Settle, another Matthew...but a much better looking one, in my opinion, lol...would've been a better choice and would fit the part of the Irish guy opposite Amy that Goode played. But that's just me. They do look a lil' alike, but I prefer Settle's look. He's much older than Goode though, but still look younger and slightly older than Amy not younger and older looking as Goode. Still, I enjoyed a few things about this film like Amy Adams (she's still good even for a dull movie like this that only looked good through watching the misleading trailer), the beautiful locations like New York and Ireland (would love to visit this beautiful country someday!), and John Lithgow (as brief as his appearance was as Amy Adams' character's father...would've been cool, if he appeared more. He's a very good actor and funny too...and I didn't see much of him to make me laugh on this film).

Overall, this film was a kinda dull and just ok. I don't highly recommend it for everyone to watch as other fun, hilarious, romantic-comedy films like The Proposal, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Enchanted (other Amy Adams' film, but much better than this...) to name a few, but it's still alright to see for rental, netflix, or dvd viewing when you have nothing else to do or can't find any good movies to watch...this one's not too bad. There are far more films less watchable than this one. So, this one's good for any Amy Adams fans, at least. Just not too interesting or fun to review, lol.

My Leap Year Film Rating: ! (6/10; C-)


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