Film Review: Dear John

Dear John (2010)

starring: Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried

Watch the trailer for Dear John below:


I saw this movie a week after it was released last February. Believe it or not, I've read the original novel of the same title by Nicholas Sparks about over a year ago or so before this film was even announced to be adapted from novel to film. I remember how much I enjoyed reading the book and that I cried for the most part (and that's rare too when I read a sad book like this) as it was so sad. Interestingly enough, I actually pictured Channing Tatum as the male protagonist John Tyree from the book before this film was even announced or him being cast in this role. He was definitely the actor I pictured while reading the book and thought, wouldn't it be cool if this is adapted into a movie (like The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, to name two Nicholas Sparks novels turned into popular films)? I really imagined seeing him as John Tyree in this film, which at the time was odd 'cause he wasn't cast yet nor the film wasn't even announced or made yet...but to my surprise, several months later after reading the book and having not thought about it and Channing in the John Tyree role...Dear John was announced to be adapted to the big screen and yep, hottie Channing Tatum was cast as John!!! Who knew the casting directors for this film would be reading my mind? lol.

I thought what a great news and announcement! Perfect casting far as Channing Tatum as John Tyree is glad to hear that he was cast! So, I've been excited to seeing him in this movie ever since. The funny thing is that I've only read the book once, since it was too sad...I didn't want to read it again, lol. I thought I'll just wait till the movie comes out and once I see it, the story will just come back to me...not that I forgot about it...just that I didn't want to think too much of it...and I wanted to see if the movie at least stayed close to the book...not too mention, I want to see it and not compare it too much from the book...and just see it like I was watching it a new movie for the first time or so.

When I did finally see it, I was pleasantly surprised how it stayed true to the book. Channing Tatum was exactly what I pictured him in the book while I was reading it. He really nailed the part as John, at least for me. He did a great job in playing him and more. He was very easy on the eyes too. Amanda Seyfried did good too as his love interest Savannah, but unlike Channing, I didn't picture her as the Savannah character in the book when I was reading DJ. Still, she did good. I love her singing in the movie though especially in one scene where she did sing and played a guitar. I thought that was great and Amanda can sing, at least. She sure has a good voice. I liked her singing parts in Mamma Mia! movie. The rest of the cast in this film were good too esp. the actor who played John's father. He was great. The hospital scene with him and John was just too sad and made me cry a lot. That scene was one of the best parts of this film and was can't help but cry and be sad along with John. It was just a heart-wrenching and an emotional scene. Thinking about that scene just makes me sad, lol. Another really good scene was the twist towards the end, which I won't spoil here, but I thought was a lot better watching on-screen than just reading about it.

Overall, I thought this film was great. Definitely one of those pleasantly and surprisingly good tearjerker films. I loved and enjoyed watching it. I was into this film from beginning to end. I highly recommend this to anyone especially to those who are Channing Tatum fans or have read the book...or even if you haven't (like my Mom), you'll love this film too. Go see it (or rent it as it's available on DVD and Blu-ray now)!

My Dear John Film Rating: ! (10/10; A+)


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