Film Review: The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

starring: Jennifer Aniston, Gerald Butler

Watch the trailer for The Bounty Hunter below:

[source: SonyPictures

I thought this film was pretty good and funny. Lots of action, humor, sizzling on-screen chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler. Not too mention, the nice banter between their characters as well. They sure have a pretty good on-screen chemistry that should've been translated off-screen too, lol. I loved and enjoyed this film despite its flaws. Gerald Butler's so handsome and so sexy especially in one scene where he was shirtless in his towel and Jen tazerd him, lol. I thought that scene was funny. The only thing that seemed to drag on was the time/length of this film. It seemed too long that it  was beginning to wane or that I was anxious for it to get to the ending. The ending's a lil' predictable (but not too predictable...if that makes any sense...), but I liked that they end up together... unlike Jen's other film, The Break-Up...though the title itself already implied it, lol.

Overall, other than the time issue I had (lol), I thought this was a good movie with a combo of some fun action and rom-com (romantic-comedy), and not too mention good looking leads Gerald and Jennifer to keep you entertain and watching. I would recommend anyone to see this especially Gerald Butler and Jennifer Aniston fans.

My The Bounty Hunter Film Rating: ! (8/10; B+)


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