Film Friday #66 - The Princess Bride

This week's movie to watch (our 66th film pick) will be...

The Princess Bride (1987)

starring: Cary Elwes, Robin Wright Penn, Fred Savage, Peter Falk

Watch the trailer for The Princess Bride below:
[source: BringBackTheEighties]

Enjoy watching The Princess Bride until Friday next...

After viewing this movie, be sure to answer the following list of questions (to post and discuss with fellow FF participants in the following Friday in the P&P thread here or post a comment here in my Movies Blog) below:

1) Post a brief review of the movie (ie. story, plot, location, cast, acting, music/score, costume, cinematography, directing, etc.)
2) What did you think of the movie?
3) What would you rate this movie out of ten? Would you see it again?
4) What is/are your favorite scene(s) from the movie?
5) Most Favorite character(s) and why?
6) Least Favorite character(s) and why?
7) Most Favorite scene(s)?
8) Least favorite scene(s)?


Adelaide said…
1)It's hard to review as the whole thing is pure genius. And it's good no matter what age you are. And it's timeless. And beautiful. And hilarious. And many other nice adjectives besides.
2)It's awesome
3)10/10 and I would watch it a thousand times over- IN A ROW if necessary.
4)The best scene by far is when Westley does the whole battle of wits things. It's just so ridiculously stupid but also astonishingly clever and it's just so happy-making.
5)Fezzig (if that's how you spell it) simply because the casting was perfect and he's just so wonderful and loveable but also quit terrifying at the same time.
6)The six-fingered man. But not really because he's a horrible character, more because he killed Inigo's father.
7)Well I've said my favourite scene but I also really like the one near the end with the King... I don't remember what he says but he's just so cute!
8)Ummm... I really love all of them. Every single one. It is a masterpiece.

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