Film Review: Sherlock Holmes

I saw this movie during the Christmas holiday weekend and the theater was very full especially on its first opening weekend.

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[Warning! ... for those who haven't seen this movie and don't want to be spoiled...]

Starring Robert Downey Jr, Rachel McAdams, Jude Law, and Kelly Reilly

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Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England.

I thought Sherlock Holmes was pretty good. It had all the action, adventure, comedy, suspense, and mystery that I love and enjoy watching in a film. The story was good, interesting, witty, and funny. I've never read the book or its previous adaptations/versions, but I quite liked and enjoyed this one. The main cast and their acting/performances (esp. Robert Downey Jr.) were superb. Robert Downey Jr. as the title
character Sherlock Holmes was very impressive and funny in this film as does his British accent was pretty good. I loved and enjoyed him in this film very much. Jude Law was great as well, not too mention, handsome and charming as Dr.
John Watson, Holmes' friend and confidante. Rachel McAdams was great too, but it would have been awesome to see her in more scenes with RDJ and Jude Law. Still, she was great as Irene Adler, Holmes romantic interest and adversary. Mark Strong was pretty good as the bad guy, Lord Blackwood. And Kelly Reilly (aka the unlikable Caroline Bingley of the 2005 film, Pride & Prejudice) was pretty good here too (as Mary Morstan) considering she had a small supporting role. Like Rachel McAdams, It would've been great to see here in more scenes too. She does have a few very good scenes with the two main lead male characters and she's a love interest to Jude law's
Watson character. I especially love her first scene with Holmes and Watson at a hotel/restaurant dinner
scene when she asked Watson to read her. I thought that scene was very funny her character Mary did not approved of the way Holmes read her. So she was upset and splashed a glass of wine on his face, lol. I thought that was funny especially Holmes' reaction and facial expression when and after she did that to him.

The setting, the costume, the music and score, the cinematography and visual effects were very well done in this film. Guy Ritchie did a very good job with directing. The cast and
their performances were superb and quite impressive. Though it was kinda long, but the pacing was good with an interesting plot, lots of cool fight scenes, action and explosions, suspense, some comedic moments, and mysteries that the length of time of this film didn't seem to matter as it keeps you interested and engrossed watching Holmes and company.

There were only a few minor complaints I have had with this film...not enough Rachel McAdams and Kelly Reilly. It would've been cool to see a bit more of them (perhaps in the sequel?), a few confusing scenes (especially if you are not paying attention, lol), but fortunately, RDJ's Holmes explained them as they go along. And the cliffhanger ending...I so did not expect that with a long movie (at least this one was not too long as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, lol), you'd have thought they'd end the story of this one in one film. But, of course, not. A sequel seems to be on its way. While I don't mind cliffhanger in some films (especially those that were adapted from a series of books), but I hate cliffhangers for the most part. But I guess if it means more Rachel and Kelly for the next film, I don't mind this cliffhanger long as they return for the sequel with RDJ and
Law and have bigger roles, as they should be used more. They're the only two supporting females in this film and they don't have enough scenes. I was expecting to see at least one scene with Adler and Mary with the boys, lol. Other than those minor issues I have with this film, I thought this was a pretty good film, overall. I had fun and enjoyed watching it. I highly recommend this film for everyone. It's worth watching especially if you love action, adventure, comedy, suspense, and mystery all in one. This film has it and more. Go see it!

My Sherlock Holmes Rating:! (9.5/10; A)  


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