My favorite Movie Posters

Here are my 20 favorite Movie posters (of all time). There are more to add, but these are the 20 for now. I'll post more soon. Do you agree? Yes? No? What's yours?

My favorite Movie Posters

... In random order ...


Gwen said…
Hi Jeane! We have very different tastes! I'm working on a list of my own favorite posters and we only have Shopaholic in common lol

A few of my favorites:
- Lost in Translation (the Scarlett one)
- Cloverfield
- The Strangers (where Liv & Scott are tied up and the one where Liv is standing and behind her is guy with sack on head)
- Australia
- Planet Terror (Marley Shelton one)
- Varsity Blues
Jeane said…
Hi, Gwen!

Yes, we sure do. We at least got Shopaholic movie poster that we both like. Cool! I love the Shopaholic movie too!

Also, I only posted 20 (so far). I have more (which I'll post soon) and oh, I love the Australia movie poster as, hey, that makes 2 favorite movie posters that we have in common, ha! lol.

You do have an interesting list of favorite movie posters. Thanks for sharing your list. Can't wait to see the full list of your favorite movie posters in your own blog. :)
Gwen said…
Have you checked out It's a site where they give you two choices and you have to pick your favorite movie. It's a great way to quickly browse through a lot of different posters lol

If you want I'll send you an invite. I think there still in beta testing. Let me know via Twitter ;)
Jeane said…
No, I haven't. Thanks for the link. I'll let you know via twitter. :)

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