Film Review: Public Enemies

Ok, I saw Public Enemies on its opening day. I thought I already posted my review, but I forgot to write and post my review here till now, lol.

I've been busy with a lot of things...

So, anyway, finally got to write my review for this movie.

Read my spoiler-free review below of...

Public Enemies (2009)

starring: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard,
Channing Tatum
, Billy Crudup

Watch the Public Enemies trailer below:


I thought this movie was good. Three of my favorite actors (Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Channing Tatum...even though CT has, unfortunately, a very brief role...would've love to see him in more scenes here) were all in this movie. Not too mention Carey Mulligan (likewise with CT, she had a cameo role...would've love to see her in more scenes as well...) sporting in a blonde wig and Marion Cotillard (she was funny in A Good Year with Rusell Crowe) who was the lone lead female in the ensemble cast. Great casting choices. Lots of action and lots of Johnny Depp! He was so great here, not too mention, he looked mighty HOT in this movie! Yum! I enjoyed staring on the big screen at JD's hot'n'sexyness the entire movie, lol. Though not enough Christian Bale. He's also hot and was pretty good here too. Too bad Channing Tatum (another hottie) only appeared one brief scene...what was up with that? They made it seemed like he had a big role in this movie. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of Chan in this movie, lol. Also, Carey Mulligan (aka Kitty Bennet of the 2005 Oscar nominated film Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley) appeared very brief, like less than a min...more like 5 seconds or so. If you blinked your eyes, you'll missed her. She (as well as Chan) appeared in the beginning. She, at least had a couple scenes including with Johnny, while Chan only briefly appeared on one (if I remember correctly, lol).

The movie though, while it was fairly descent. It wasn't amazing or didn't compare to how awesomely good The Untouchables (with Kevin Costner, Christian Slater, and Patrick Dempsey to name a few of an elite all-star cast) was one of those classic gangster movies that I've seen at least a few times or so when I saw it a long time ago. That movie like it's title was pretty good and "untouchable"...that's all I'll say about it, lol. While this movie wasn't too bad and I enjoyed watching Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, Marion Cotillard, and Christian Bale (even a cameo of Lele Sobieski and Stephen Dorf's small role here was interesting to see...), but the movie just wasn't as superbly spectacular, fun, entertaining, and amazing to watch as say The Dark Knight, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Terminator Salvation. I guess I expected more from this movie and because I was so tired at the time I saw this movie. I saw it after work and it was just too long for me to enjoy watching it. I almost fell asleep, lol. I was surprised that I didn't though and managed to stay through the entire movie, still the movie felt too long and was making me anxious for it to get to the ending already. I figured the ending wasn't going to be pretty good anyway or that it won't be a happy ending as JD's character was the bad guy in this movie anyway, lol. Not too mention, CB's character didn't have a good ending, sadly. It seems this movie was based on a true story. That at least was interesting. MC's character has a sad ending as well. So yeah, not much to like from this movie with a sad and depressing ending. I hate movies like this. Still, this movie was at least pretty descent and it was nice to see a few of my favorite actors in the same movie. The cast were at least nice to look at, lol.

Overall, this movie was good for its genre and for what it was. But sadly, I didn't love it as much as I did with TDK, Wolverine, and TS movies (to name a few). Usually, if I loved and enjoyed watching a movie, I'll rant and rave about it non-stop here (and write a very long review) and watch it again. Unfortunately, can't say the same for this one. I don't know if I'll watch this again. Once is enough on this movie for me (yeah, even with super hotties like Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Channing Tatum...sorry, but I don't know if I can sit through another 2-3 hours of this...but that's just me, of course...don't take my word on this though, lol), I think. I don't recommend for everyone to see this (it's not for everyone, that much I know), other than for those of you who are Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Marion Cotillard you'll at least like them in this movie. So, watch this at your own risk. If you like gangster movies, you'll love this (go see it!) ...if not, no matter which actors were on it, if it's just not your cake to eat and savor (just like food, ha!)...then, it surely is not for you to watch don't waste your money and time watching something you will not like or enjoy. But if you want to see this movie (and who am I to stop you? lol), by all means go see it. Just because this movie wasn't a big hit for me, doesn't mean you won't like and enjoy it.

My Public Enemies Film Rating: ! (7/10; C+)


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