Film Review: The Proposal

I saw this movie twice. First on its opening day at night with friends and the next day with my mother. I love ! She's one of my favorite actresses and I've seen pretty much every movie that she has released. I love her movies and I knew I'll love this one too. Also, I like or should I say now, I love Ryan Reynolds! Hehe... I've seen him in Just Friends (he was very funny in that movie), Definitely, Maybe (he was good in that movie with Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, and Elizabeth Banks, but the movie was alright), and one of the recent blockbuster hit, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (He was fierce in that movie, lol). For this movie, I know I wanted to see it and have waited so long to see this, but I didn't expect too much 'cause when I do (even with my favorite actors in it), I often get disappointed when a movie I've waited and wanted to see for so long didn't match my excitement and expectations. So, I went and saw this movie with my friends just to enjoy and have a great time. Just see it for what it was and hope that somehow this one will be really good and perhaps a lot better than the recent romantic comedy films I've seen that were mostly just fairly descent. I mean there were a few that were very good, of course. So, I had hope for this one. I was pleasantly surprised and didn't expect this movie to be so good and so funny from beginning to end. My friends and I enjoyed it as does my mother when she went to see this with me the next day.

Anyway here's my review for...

[Warning! ... for those who haven't seen this movie and don't want to be spoiled...]

The Proposal (2009)

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds

Watch the trailer below:

[source: proposalmovie]

First, here's a lil' synopsis: A pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada.

I must say, The Proposal was unexpectedly and incredibly very good. It was fun, entertaining, and so hilariously funny from beginning to end. Omg, my friends and I (as well as my Mom for my second viewing...still funny), not too mention pretty much everyone at the audience were laughing so hard at one funny scene after another. This movie was so much more fun and so funny than I thought it would be. It sure surpassed my expectations. The trailer was pretty good and funny and usually (as I've mentioned here in my other film reviews) they tend to spoil and ruin the rest of the movie as a lot of times the clips used for the trailer were the only parts that were good in the movie. Well, in this one, they only showed a few and kept pretty much all the best ones in the movie, which I thought was brilliant. It made this movie even more fun and enjoyable to watch esp. not knowing what's going to happen next and which scene(s) will be even more funnier to see, lol.

Everything about this movie was awesome from casting (who would've thought Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds would be so equally good and funny in this one? I sure didn't expect them to be and they were just sooo great and so funny to watch). The story (though nothing knew as its been done several times before in most romantic comedy films), was actually brilliant, clever, full of laughs and one-liner, and every scene were never boring (at least not for me). It sure was very well written and so witty. I laughed a lot and so does my friends and everyone in the crowded theater. Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds were awesome and incredibly funny. I never would've imagine them to be so great together in this film, but they were and they had this amazing and sizzling on-screen chemistry as Margaret & Andrew as boss (she's a book publisher) and he, as her personal assistant in a book publishing company where Margaret was the boss from hell, lol. Kinda reminded me a bit of Meryl Streep's Miranda character from The Devil Wears Prada only in the book publishing world and her assistant is a guy, Andrew and not a girl. But the office vibes were similar every time the boss is about to make an entrance inside the office. Everyone would panic and try to go back to their workplace to act like they were busy working as the boss walks and passed them by their cubicles... no one dared to look until she's gone to her office, haha. It was so funny. We couldn't stop laughing, lol.

The comedic timing of both Sandra & Ryan in this movie was pure genius especially Ryan's cute and funny facial expressions when his character Andrew had to go through so much abuse from his boss Margaret. Sandra was so awesome as Margaret. She totally owned her character and was very funny and convincing as Andrew's angry and boss from hell.
Ryan Reynolds, I must say, was so hilarious in this movie. Not to mention he was looking so hot throughout this movie...esp. that almost nude scene he had with Sandra. His body looks so fab, ripped, and just so sexy. Too bad the camera zoomed in and out too fast, lol. Who knew Ryan would be such a drool-worthy-hottie? I never paid attention to him much before in his previous films, even though I know he's cute and funny, but after this movie...I went back to see Just Friends (one of his movies I own in my dvd collection) ...just to see his cute and adorable face, lol. He's just...let me say this in 3 words: Sexy, Funny, HOT! all in one, haha! He's definitely my kind of guy with with a tender side and those 3 awesome qualities in him. He was just great and has a natural sense of humor. He was spot on and just so funny in pretty much all of his scenes. Most definitely, this movie was his best one (to date, thus far) I've seen him in as a lead male character. For a long time, since Just Friends, I've never seen him in a very good romantic comedy like this one. This movie, surely, is on top and will definitely be one of my favorite films (of his and Sandra), not just this summer and this year, but for many years to come.

Likewise with Sandra Bullock. I haven't seen her in a really, really good romantic comedy like this film since her old movies back in the day like Love Potion #9, While You Were Sleeping, Two Weeks Notice, and Miss Congeniality to name a few. This one now easily tops her previews romantic comedy films. The rest of the cast were brilliant as well such as Mary Steenburgen and Craig T. Nelson who played Andrew's wealthy parents and Betty White was hilarious as his grandmother with a funny one-liners: "Should I call her Margaret or the devil's mistress?" or "Where's your boobs? Oh, this is fun! It's like looking for an easter egg." lmao!

There were so many great scenes and so many funny moments that I loved and enjoyed watching them from this movie.

Here's a long list my favorite scenes below:

  • the funny office scene at the beginning where everyone was being alerted on IMs in their computer as their mean boss, they called, "it is here!" arrives, lol.
- when Margaret fired the guy named Bob and he made a scene right in front of her and everyone at the office, haha.

  • when Margaret was told by her bosses that she was going to be deported to her home country, Canada and she had to find a quick solution as clueless Andrew swing by to see her and she told him and the big bosses that they were engage, which she's going to be getting a fiancee visa with him, and the look of his face was priceless esp. that he had no idea what just happened, lmao!
  • When Margaret & Andrew went to immigration to apply for a fiancee visa, the immigration officer asked her where he was from. She didn' know and was telling Andrew to assist her. When she found out he was from Chitka, was funny to watch Margaret's reaction and her saying, "Chitka. A-laska." (you'll have to see the movie to hear how she pronounced them 'cause it was funny...) lol!
  • Her business/marriage proposal to him in the street of New York City where he made her kneel and made her proposed to him was hilarious.
  • Their flight to his hometown in Chitka, Alaska was hilarious esp. meeting his family (mother and grandmother first)...his grammy's line was hilarious: "Should I call her Margaret or the devil's mistress?" lol!
- Margaret struggling in her high heeled shoes, trying to get down the ladder to the boat was so funny and him tryin' to catch her or rather touched her behind, hahaha! Not too mention, when her louis vuitton luggage was thrown to the water and she was like, "NooOO!" and he said, "5 second rule!" lol.
  • When Margaret & Andrew were telling a story of how they met (and how he proposed to her) to Andrew's family and they were each taking turns to tell them, "will you marry me?" and both said in unison, "Yep. The End." lol...Also, when the grandmother was telling them to kiss was so funny.
  • The brief nude scene between Margaret & Andrew and them accidentally colliding into each other's arms was so hysterical that everyone just burst out laughing so hard. Definitely, the funniest scene in this movie and their reactions at the same time were priceless...
    Andrew: OMG!! Why are you wet?!?! I don't understand!
    Margaret: Why are you naked?!? OMG!!! hahaha!
  • The surprise bachelorette party for Margaret was hilarious with the creepy and funny stripper guy name Ramone (who happens to work for Andrew Paxton's family business and pretty much every other business they own, he was seen here and there...basically everywhere as waiter, exotic dancer/stripper in their local bar, store worker, and pastor at their wedding, lol) who dances and sing along to the 80s song, "relax, don't do it..." lol.
  • The scene in the bedroom where the grandmother was telling Margaret about the blanket which she calls, "the baby maker" and both Margaret & Andrew were kinda scared to use it and and throwing it on the floor whenever they see it, lol.
  • The scene where Margaret was telling Andrew about herself in the bedroom they were sharing, but not sharing the bed, lol. Margaret started telling him about her favorite song, "It Takes Two" from Rob Base and DJ Easy-E Rock and it was so funny when she started singing, "I wanna rock right now. I'm Rob Base and I came to get down. I'm not internationally known. But I'm known to rock the microphone..." and even more funny when he did, "It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight. Hit it!" and choke a bit while singing, haha!
  • When Margaret went to have some fresh air, she went bike riding to the woods and ended up stumbling to Andrew's grand mother who was chanting with a stereo and bon fire, lol. She ended up chanting with her and did a random, funny dance (to the hip/hop song, Tootsie Roll by 69 Boyz and Quad City DJs) that got Andrew wondering what was going on with the noise...chanting and dancing somewhere in the woods nearby their house, lol.
  • The scene with the tacky wedding dress that Andrew's grand mother wanted Margaret to wear for their wedding was funny. The grandma was like, "Where's your boobs? Oh, this is fun! It's like looking for an easter egg." lmao!
- The scene where she had a phone call from the writer Frank and she had to take the call outside and the dog followed her. While she was on the phone, the eagle flew by and took the dog, lol. She had to get the dog by throwing her cell phone, haha. Then, when she got the dog, the eagle snatched her cell phone and she was trying to get it by trading the dog, lol. Unbeknownts to her, Andrew's Mom and Grandma were watching her from the house thinking she looks adorable and funny with their cute and adorable dog, haha!!!

And many more. Those were mostly the ones I can remember on top of my head right now (even after watching it twice, lol).

Even in my second viewing there's hardly a dull moment. There were plenty of laughs to entertain you (even during the credits, make sure you's hilarious!) and a few dramatic moments. Of course, you'll remember the funny moments more. Over all, this movie was the best romantic comedy I've seen this summer (this year...thus far) and I highly recommend you see this. It's worth watching and worth the money as well. You won't be disappointed. Go see this movie! Trust me. You'll love and enjoy it! I know I did and I saw it twice. I love The Proposal!

My The Proposal Film Rating: ! (10/10; A+)


hanum said…
good character building woman played. I like this movie ;)

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