Film Review: Dance Flick

I knew by seeing the trailer of this movie that pretty much most of the funny scenes/clips from it where the best and funniest parts of this movie as often seen in a lot of comedy/parody films. After seeing this movie recently, I sure was right, of course. Still, I thought I'd see it anyway, just to see those funny scenes I saw in the trailer, lol.

Anyway...check out and read my full review below of ...

[Warning! (Read at your own risk!) ... for those who haven't seen this movie and don't want to be spoiled... though with this one... the trailer and promo stills/movie posters pretty much spoiled it, so you might as well just go ahead, read my review and be spoiled... it's all good... you may or may not even to watch this movie, lol!]

Dance Flick (2009)

Starring: Damon Wayans, Jr., Soshana Bush

Watch the trailer below:


First of all, here's the brief synopsis of this movie (taken from IMDB):
Street dancer Thomas Uncles (Damon Wayans, Jr.) is from the wrong side of the tracks, but his bond with the beautiful Megan White (Soshana Bush) might help the duo realize their dreams as the enter in the mother of all dance battles.

Dance Flick was, unfortunately, mostly funny in the scenes already seen in the preview theatrical trailer. They ruined pretty much a lot of their funny scenes by showing it in the trailer. They should've just made a short movie 'cause the scenes/clips used in the trailer were the funniest parts of the movie.

There were lots of funny scenes though from this new comedy film parody of those many dance hit flicks (ie. Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, and Save The Last Dance to name a few) and references to current popular teen movies (ie. High School Musical and Twilight, etc.), but there were also some not-so-funny, over-the-top scenes...which of course, was to be expected as after all, this was a Wayans Brothers movie. It wouldn't be their movie without those over-the-top scenes, lol. I thought in the funny scenes that the main actors were playing their characters were spot on. The dancing for the most part were pretty good and funny at the same time. The actors were good at dancing at least and Shawn and Marlon Wayans (which, in my opinion, aren't funny...their older brother Damon is the only one that I think is the funny one in the Wayans brothers, as well as their only eldest sister Kim) were, thankfully, not seen much in this flick. I prefer it that way 'cause when they are, they ruin pretty much every scene of they are in...They were kinda funny in White Chicks though, but mostly their co-stars in that movie were the funniest ones...same in this movie. Good thing they're not in this movie much, as in this one their 3 real-life nephews with one of them, Damon Jr., in the lead role, were the ones that appeared more, with small roles by them and brief cameo by their oldest brother Ivory and eldest sister Kim.

Here the random scenes that made me LOL were:

- In the scene at the beginning when Megan's mom had a car wreck and died on her way to see her daughter's ballet audition. I thought was funny.
- Shoshana Bush as Megan White made me laugh in this movie. She was playing the character that was a parody of Julia Stiles' character in Saved The Last Dance. Her scenes were hilarious.
- When they parodied Step Up with one of their scenes where Nora had the guys audition and trying to lift her up while Tyler (the actor they had playing Tyler was surprisingly the only one that I thought looked like Channing Tatum's Tyler in Step Up, lol) was watching her and was laughing at her...that part was so funny.
- When Shawn Wayans, the baby daddy came to pick up his in not to pick him up to go out or something, but from his stroller that is, but only for a second and put him back down and left, I thought that was funny... haha!!!
- Essence Atkins was hilarious as Charity. As seen in the trailer, the scene where she said something like, "I'm not the kind of girl who would leave my son with a babysitter...Mommy loves you, pumpkin." or something close to that, only for her to put her baby inside her locker, lmao! Good thing there are holes in the locker or the baby would've suffocated and that wouldn't be good, lol.
- In Charity's flashback scene, when she had her baby in the dance floor (see the funny baby pose promo still from the movie to your right) and how the baby came out was hilarious (of course, this part was in the trailer)...that was cute and so funny, lol.
- When Charity said to Megan about being 21 and still in High School: "Are you saying i'm stupid because I'm 21 and still in high school!" LOL! I thought that line was hilarious and how Essence said it too was so funny.
- When the principal (played by the hilarious Kim Wayans) was walking down the hallway, and saw the kids about to have sex with a condom, she said, "you should never use a condom. Don't these kids know how to have fun?" And then, she does that funny dance move. Haha!!!!
- When the dance teacher yells at Tracy Transfat (what a funny last name, haha!) saying "we do the mash potatoe, we don't eat the mash potatoe!" LOL!
- The Step Up 2: The Streets dance battle scenes were funny, esp. the rain scene, haha...Though, I must warn you, there was one gross scene in the rain with Thomas. Eww! lol...
- the ending dance slow dance scene that I did not see coming or didn't expect to see was the parody of Twilight's Prom dance scene towards the end and their re-enactment of the scene was hilarious. They even had Megan looking just like Bella Swan, from her blue dress right down to her hair and jewelry (and that awful sweater! lol). Also, when they were about to do their almost-kiss scene, Thomas suddenly mimicked vampire Edward Cullen, lol. Not too mention, he imitated the part where Edward was showing Bella his glitter skin while standing in the sun during the meadow scene. That was funny, haha!!!

Speaking of dance flicks, I found the list of movies this movie parodied:

Save The Last Dance

Roll Bounce




Step Up

You Got Served


High School Musical



Overall, this movie was not so bad or the worst I've seen (and believe me there are far more worst spoof movies than this one, lol). It was a-okay and funny. There were at least some *funny scenes (*see my random list ^ for the the ones that made me LOL!) here and there and some not so good-over-the top scenes as I've previously mention ^, but the movie in general still made me laugh. It was obviously a parody of popular dance/teen movies and you should take it for what it was and not expect much. It also helps if you know a lot of what dance movies they were referencing to in the movie. Then, you'll get and laugh at the funny scenes, if you do. If not, of course, you're not going to get them or let alone laugh at those funny scenes they had like I did. By the way, the Dance movies they mostly parodied throughout this movie were: Saved The Last Dance, Step Up, and Step Up 2: The Streets. While I don't highly recommend this movie to everyone. I do recommend this to those who love the Wayans brothers or those who enjoy watching spoof movies.

My Dance Flick Film Rating: ! (6/10; C-)


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