Film Review: Madea Goes To Jail

I've just seen this movie recently. I thought it was good. This movie did pretty good and topped the box office 2 weeks in a row (as with the previous Madea movies).

While I've only seen 3 of his movies (this one, The Family That Preys, and the first Medea film, The Diary of a Mad Black Woman), I thought Tyler Perry is an interesting and fascinating man. He, not only is a multi-talented (writer, producer, actor, and director in all of his films) person and has an impressive film-making career, but he sure knows how to market his films and appeal to movie-goers whenever he releases any of his films, as each of his movies pretty much topped the box-office on its weekend debut. He's also a pretty good writer and storyteller. I thought both The Family That Preys and The Diary of a Mad Black Woman were were very good films. I loved and enjoyed watching them.


Here's My Madea Goes To Jail Review:

Tyler Perry's
Madea Goes To Jail (2009)
Starring: Tyler Perry, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Derek Luke, Ion Overman

Watch the trailer below:


I thought this movie was good, but not as great as the first one (Diary of a Mad Black Woman...unfortunately, I haven't seen the second one, Madea Family Reunion, yet). There were some funny scenes and there were those scenes that weren't. I guess I expected more as the first one that I've seen was pretty good. A lot of the actors in this movie, I must say, I'm unfamiliar with except of course, Tyler Perry, who was playing 3 characters (including title character Madea) and Keyshia Knight Pulliam (better known as the lil' Rudy Huxtable of The Cosby Show)...and a cameo by Dr. Phil. Medea's 2 brief scenes with Dr. Phil were hilarious though.

Madea trying to park her car at a parking lot, but couldn't do so because a snob white woman quickly took the parking spot she was trying to park on...was another hilarious scene. The other scenes and other character story arcs that were separate from Medea's but was connected to her later in the movie were ok. Her “good mornthing!” sayings with a “t” in every sentence was very funny, but kinda gets redundant as she keeps repeating throughout the movie same thing when she kept answering and interrupting Dr. Phil with a rhetorical questions. It's probably just me, but I thought It gets annoying after hearing it so many times. Other than those few minor issues I had while watching those scenes, the movie was still good. It got better towards the end though with a lil' twist to Linda's fraud reveal and getting one of the girls in jail for a long time. I didn't see or expected that to happen, lol.

Overall, this movie was pretty descent. I wish I have more to say, but there there isn't any other standout scenes that I could remember other than the ones I've already mentioned here. If you love Tyler Perry movies, I recommend you see this as you may have seen his other movies. If not, give it a try, but don't expect much.

My Madea Goes To Jail Film Rating: ! (6/10; C-)


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