Film Review: Paul Blart - Mall Cop

I saw this movie with my parents recently. It was weird that we saw this on a weekday and there were still a lot of people watching it as it was still #1 at the Box Office at the time we saw this. It spent 2 weeks on top. We thought we'd see this as it looks funny when we saw the trailer on TV. Anyway, as we were waiting to see this movie, for some reason the projector won't work. We were wondering what was going on. We saw in the back that the person operating it couldn't get it to work either and we've waited and waited till it went way past the time it was supposed to have been shown. Then, people started to ask to the manager why the movie wasn't showing yet. The manager came to see us to tell us that they had technical difficulties with the projector and they can't show us the movie at that time, but they do gave us a re-admit passes that we can use to watch any movies we want whenever. Also, he told us that we can even stay and watch for the next time showing for this movie and use our re-admit passes for next either way we'll still get to see the movie we paid to watch for and get a refund/re-admit passes. So, we did and took advantage of their errors, lol. We decided that we might as well stay and watch the next time showing for Paul Blart: Mall Cop as does everyone else in the theater and we kept our re-admit passes for next time.

We waited for another 30-45 min. for the next time of this movie to start. We went to eat lunch and gone to the restroom first before seeing this movie. Then, this movie finally started and we got to see it on time. *phew!*

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)
starring: Kevin James, Jayma Mays

Watch the trailer for Paul Blart: Mall Cop below:


Here's my review of Paul Blart: Mall Cop

This movie was good and funny. Kevin James was hilarious in this movie, lol. The actress who played Amy was familiar and when I looked at her IMDBb profile, sure enough I've seen her guest starred in 1-2 episodes of Heroes' Season 1. I thought she really looked familiar and can't remember where I've seen her and when I re-watched my Heroes S1 DVD again...there she was as Charlie Andrews with Heroes' Hiro Nakamura, hehe. She was good in this movie Paul Blart fell in love with. Her character was cool in this movie with different hairstyle and wig. It was funny in the scene where Paul met her character for the first time and he bought a wig just to talked to her, lol. Him riding that security scooter was hilarious. His mother played by Diane Weist was funny too esp. when she and his daughter Maya tried to set up a profile for him in and she had a funny video uploaded of him dancing, lol. The mall scenes were pretty funny too and the ringtone of the cell phone that Paul's Indian friend who owned a mobile phone store inside the mall let him borrow his daughter's cell phone was so funny, haha. Every time it rang it cracked me up. Also, it was funny when he texted Amy or when he was trying to get a birthday card for her in hallmark store, lol. Another was when he was training a new trainee and his demonstrations were very funny. Whats interesting about this movie was that it was different than other comedy films and this one happens to be inside a mall of all places...something I've rarely seen in a movie that pretty much every scene happens inside the mall and only a few outside. There were a couple of nice twist in this movie too in the middle and towards the end...which was nice to see.

Overall, this movie was good and very funny. We laughed a lot and enjoyed watching the movie. I recommend this for those looking for a movie to laugh and enjoy. It was worth watching just for laughs and entertainment.

My Paul Blart: Mall Cop Film Rating: ! (7.5/10; C+)


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