Film Review: He's Just Not That into You

When I first heard that a few of my favorite actors were cast in this film, I got very excited. I was already looking forward to the release of this movie even before they started filming, lol. This film made it to the top of the weekend's Box Office for two back to back weeks. I heard mostly nice and a few mixed reviews from those who has seen it, but I didn't read any news article/reviews about it online or in newspapers as most of the time I disagree with the critics opinions of which movie I think should be worth watching and isn't. So, I watch movies to see for myself and my own curiosity. The trailer for this movie looked funny enough for me to watch it.

Here's my review of...

He's Just Not That Into You (2009)

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Gennifer Goodwin, Justin Long, Scarlett Johanssen, Bradley Cooper

Watch the trailer below:

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I went to see this movie recently expecting to love and enjoy the film as well as be entertained. I must say, this movie was good. The all-star ensemble cast were good, even the supporting ones or the ones with cameo appearances (ie. Christine Rose aka Heroes' Angela Petrelli). I expected more though...which probably why it didn't live up to its hype or to my high expectations for this film esp. with an all-star ensemble cast. I probably expected too much and you know how it usually and often leads to...disappointment.

With Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore vets of romantic/comedy genres, I definitely expected more. Not that they disappointed me, but some parts of the movie did. I think it has to do with the script (their acting was good) or a lack there of the comedy that they tried to show the viewers that If I didn't find it funny or laugh, I totally wouldn't get it or laugh, lol...or was it just me that didn't really find some scenes funny? I don't know. It's just that there weren't much funny lines or scenes that would make me smile, laugh, cry, or be happy or sad about. There were some funny and sad moments. But the film was mostly predictable that I can already guess without even finishing to watch it how the ending will end or turn out to be. This movie definitely is not 50 First Dates (Drew Barrymore) and Bruce Almighty/Picture Perfect (Jennifer Aniston), but flaws aside, and I probably won't watch this again till it comes out on DVD. This film was still fairly descent.

There were 3-4 different storylines (hence the all-star cast), but they were all connected to each other. Three of the main lead actresses has the similar first names (Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, and Gennifer Goodwin...the only one who's name's spelled with "G" instead of the typical "J"). They were all good, but my favorite part of this movie was Jennifer Aniston and her character, of course. Her character Beth, whose long time boyfriend Neil, Ben Affleck's character had been dating for 7 years and living together, yet they were still not married. He hasn't proposed and doesn't want to get married, while she wants to get married. It complicated their relationship, which for the most part was actually happy and much better than the other couples in the film. Speaking of Ben Affleck for a's very interesting to note that Jennifer Aniston was the 3rd actress named Jennifer he co-starred opposite with (or was paired of in a movie), thus making them Bennifer 3.0 ... lol.

Back to this movie, the next character I enjoyed watching from this movie was Gennifer Goodwin's character Gigi. She was funny for the most part esp. with stalking her dates and not getting the "He's Just Not That Into You" guys she liked and dated, lol. Jennifer Connelly, on the other hand, was my least favorite of the 3 Jennifers (no not the actress per se, but her character Janine was just ok, in my opinion). Drew Barrymore's character Mary was interesting though, but she wasn't much in the film as her other co-stars. Scarlett Johanson's character was my least favorite of all the female characters in this movie. She was like the home-wrecker who had an affair with Jennifer Connelly's character Janine's husband Ben (Bradley Cooper). As for the guys, much like Jennifer's character, I also like Ben's character the most. Justin Long's character Alex follows, as he was funny in his scenes with Gigi. Brad's character Ben was my least favorite for the same reason Scarlet J.'s character Anna was as he lied and cheated on his wife Janine (Jennifer Connelly).

The ending, while it was typical and predictable was nice esp. for Ben & Jen's characters Neil & Beth. Overall, this movie was pretty descent. Not everyone will be into this movie (as there were good and not so good parts), but I liked and enjoyed it for what it was. Not too bad even though it could've been done better. Still, I enjoyed it for the all-star cast especially seeing Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck in the same movie.

My He's Just Not That Into You Film Rating: ! (6/10; C-)


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