Film Review: Australia

I saw this movie with one of my friends Christmas Eve. It was a great movie and we both loved and enjoyed watching it.

I look forward to owning this movie on DVD.

Here's my not as epic as the movie review for...

Australia (2008)
starring: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman

Watch the trailer for Australia below:

[source: LolekHD]

My Review of Australia:

This was an epic, period action-drama type of film starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. These two leading actors were great and interesting enough for me and my friend to see this movie. The film itself was great. The story was very well-written, great casting esp. with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman., great editing and direction. The cinematography was breathtaking. Australia looks fantastic and beautiful as a country. It makes you want to go to that country all because of the beautiful scenery and location shown in this film.

The story itself was beautiful with fast paced action scenes, some humor, some drama/sad/happy moments, shirtless and sexy Hugh Jackman (as Drover), funny and impressive Nicole Kidman (as Lady Sarah Ashley), great chemistry between Jackman and Kidman, and wonderful acting by a new comer young actor. I loved everything about this film. It's a plus too when two of my favorite actors were the leads and carrying this film. Not too mention both Hugh and Nicole are native Australian (it's only right that they were cast in this film) and were amazing in this film. Nicole Kidman as Sarah was brilliant, funny, fun, and interesting to watch as does Hugh Jackman's sexy Drover character. Not too mention, the scene where he was shirtless taking a bath, his body looked ripped with abs too hot to look at, hehe. I don't blame Sarah for sneaking a peek and staring at his sexy, shirtless self, lol. Great scene and I'd say one that I'll always remember seeing from this movie, haha! Way to get my full attention too. My friend said the same thing, lol. The lil' boy Nullah (Brandon Walter) in this movie was great too. I loved his accent and singing voice. Nicole did a lil' singing here of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Nullah was brilliant and funny in that scene. I loved his scenes with Nicole and Hugh, esp. with Nicole's character Sarah. Nullah and Sarah bonded like mother and son esp. when she adopted him and he was taken away from her. Nicole's acting in that scene was very touching and heart-wrenching. It made me cry when she cried about him being taken away from her. You can definitely feel her love for that lil' boy. Also, when they were attacked with a bomb/ really felt for those children and also Sarah as she was hit too and you don't know if she survived or not...same with those kids. Those were emotional and sad scenes to watch.

Overall, this film was great and fun to watch. I highly recommend this movie esp. if you love epic and period drama type of film like Australia.

My Australia Film Rating: ! (9.5/10; A)


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