Period Drama Comparison: Pride & Prejudice vs. North & South

For those of you who loved the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film (as much as I did) and is looking for a similar type of movie, I highly recommend you check out BBC's North & South (4-part tv adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel of the same title). I've seen N&S and I've enjoyed watching it. I own the dvd too (and it's one of my favorite movies to watch after P&P). I bought my dvd copy several months ago and have seen it more than a few times now. I thought it was so similar to P&P, but yet still very good in its own way. Margaret & John were so much like Elizabeth & Darcy relationship-wise. Not too mention, both men were rejected the first time they proposed, but were accepted on the 2nd proposals. The ending to N&S was beautiful and so romantic too. I loved and enjoyed watching it.

Here is a summary of North & South (for those of you interested):

Set against the backdrop of Victorian England's industrial north, it follows the fortunes of Margaret Hale, one of 19th century literature's most original heroines.

Played by Daniela Denby-Ashe, Margaret is a privileged, middle class southerner who is forced to settle in the northern town of Milton.

Margaret takes instant offense to the town and its people. She becomes terribly lonely and hates the dirt, noise and lack of civilization, blaming their new way of life for her mother's ailing health.

Her distaste for the town and its people extends to handsome and charismatic cotton mill owner John Thornton, (Richard Armitage), whom she believes epitomizes everything she dislikes about the North.

Read more here including cast list and to watch episodes 1-4 clips.

watch P&P/N&S music video (source: made by Ineta and uploaded by fedoragirl66 ) and you'll see what I meant:

This is a video featuring scenes of Pride & Prejudice 2005 and BBC's North & South put together. The music is Collide by Howie Day.

and watch the brilliant fan made (source:
PoleStar00) trailer for N&S/P&P below:

The sound is from Pride & Prejudice trailer and the clips are from North & South.

Elizabeth Bennet - Margaret Hale
Mr. Darcy - John Thornton

Mrs Bennet - Mrs Hale

Mr Bennet - Mr Hale

Lady Catherine - Mrs Thornton

Mr. Collins - Henry

Pictures Comparison:

P&P + N&S ...

Elizabeth Bennet = Margaret Hale

Fitzwilliam Darcy = John Thornton

Darcy & Lizzie = JT & Margaret

P.S. Thanks to Stephie (over at my P&P forum) for finding the following: N&S summary, site and pictures links.


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