I love Movies

Hello random Blog Readers!

I thought I'd start here a blog all about movies that I have seen, haven't seen, looking forward to seeing and any other random movie I can think of as I am a big movie aficionado. I love talking about them, but I don't have a lot of friends to talk to about movies, lol. What can I say, I love movies (who doesn't, right?) and I love watching movies of any genre (ie. action-adventure, comedy, drama, romantic-comedy, dramedy, sci-fi, thriller, musical, etc.) especially films that will move me, make me laugh, cry, sad, and happy all at the same time.

These type of films are amazing films that are worth watching and worth viewing repeatedly. Of course, not every movie I've seen was good and fun to watch like my favorite ones, as there's always one that was made poorly or worst (but that's subjective as others may say a certain movie was the worst they've seen, but others will disagree and have different opinions)...but as a movie fan, I watch just about any film that will catch my interest, but I love watching the best ones, of course. I must have seen tons of movie (perhaps thousands or millions of them over the years of my young life, lol...who knows?) there are just too many to name and list here, but I will post the ones I can remember in my next post here, and I'll post my favorite movies, my top 10 (or maybe top 20) favorite movies to watch of all time or any random movie related topics to share with you, who is reading this blog and might just be another movie buff like me.

So, yeah, enough about my boring first post rant here. I'll get to posting and list my favorite movies I want to discuss on my next blog post...coming up shortly!

- Jeane (aka elizabeth darcy...yeah, the same person who blogs about the P&P 05 and the L&K News Blogs, if you haven't noticed...they're 2 of my favorites, amongst other fun things I frequent and maintain online, lol).


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